Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ava Bracelet (w/coupon code/referral link)

I know I have so many friends and family who have struggled with infertility. We have been down that long road. This time we decided to use the Ava Bracelet! I had seen it all over facebook and researched it thoroughly. Craig and I discussed the bracelet and all of its cool features on a date night back in November. I decided to go for it and clicked BUY before I could look back!

I am so glad I did! Our success story is coming up!

While we are here celebrating I wanted to post my referral link for anyone who would like to give it a try. Note that both you and I will get benefit from using this link. You will save $20 and I will get $20 back!

NOTE:: be sure to click on the site to turn on cookies, after doing so you might need to reclick on the link. A banner should appear at the top of the screen displaying a coupon code to use and get the discount.

Thank you for using my referral code and please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions at all about the bracelet or anything else! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

6 Years - Peyton Lea

Oh Peyton,

My baby girl. You are no longer a baby anymore. I have really seen that transition from baby to toddler to little girl to now my big girl. You are getting so independent. You can make your own sandwiches or waffles. You pour your own drinks (when you want to). You get snacks. You pick out your clothes and dress yourself. My mommy heart is really struggling with this transition. I am not ready for you to be so grown up.

I am so very proud of you. You have the kindest heart. You are always thinking of others. You find a coin and are going to give it to the church. You see someone sick and pray for them. You want to help when you can. You are the best big sister and cousin. You love to baby the boys. Parker adores you. He does everything you do or say. We often find you playing baby with him. He loves being pampered by you.

You wear a size 5 turning into a 6 now and a size 13 shoe! You jumped into the 75% in height and 72% in weight. You are such a beautiful young lady.

You are enrolled in gymnastics and LOVE it. I think that is your calling. You love to tumble and roll. You got a pogo stick for your birthday and are doing so great bouncing around on it. I have really been impresssed.

You started your first real year of home school this year. We are using Liberty Online and love it. It fits our learning style very well. You are excelling at what they throw at you. We are still working on that number recognition, but you can estimate like nothing I have ever seen. You reading comprehension and retention is remarkable. I have been so impressed. If we could just get you to sit still for one minute! You are all over the place, but somehow you still take it all in.

I cannot wait to see what you can do this time next year! I need for you to stop growing up so fast my baby. Just remember this, no matter how big you get you will ALWAYS be my baby

I love you most,

Friday, May 19, 2017

5.5 Years - Peyton Lea


I have to do a quick update on by baby big girl! You have changed so much. I don't want to forget. 

You have gotten so much taller lately. You like to stand at a counter and tell me how tall you are. How you can now see over the counter. How you can reach things. 

You are becoming a beautiful young lady. You are starting to care if your clothes match, if you have a bow in your hair, what shoes you are wearing. Most of all you care about modesty and I love it! You told me that what matters is not how beautiful you are but rather if you are covered. 

You lost your first tooth! You lost your bottom, right, front tooth on Parker's 2nd birthday. You were so proud. It had been loose for a couple of weeks. You were so scared that it would hurt to lose it. You were eating a corn dog and bit down on that loose tooth. It started to bleed so I knew it wouldn't be long. Within a few minutes you were holding that teeny tiny little tooth in your hand. (BTW your tooth fairy is a little slow and left your $2 under the pillow instead of in the owl).

You have started to have more manners using yes, mam and no, mam. You say the funniest things. You have a kind heart. 

You love Parker and Silas. You act like a little mommy. You stop their fights, stick up for your brother, keep them out of trouble. You are their best friend and protector.

Oh my big girl. It makes me so sad to see you growing up so fast. I am so thankful for you and to be able to be your mommy with you on this journey. 


2 Years - Parker


WHAT!? You are 2 years old!? Oh, Parker, you are the sweetest little boy I have ever known.


are inches tall
adore your sister. ADORE. She was meant to be a big sister and you her little brother. You copy her every move. Follow her everywhere. Let her do anything she wants with you. We often find you dressed up or being her baby. You let her lay you in the wagon and pull you around, carry you, place you on little beds she has made and cover you up. You eat it up.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your daddy. It is all daddy all the time. You are constantly asking for daddy. What about mommy!?
I suppose you love me too. You let me hold you sometimes. Like the times when daddy is gone. You would rather sit at his feet and cry than sit with me :)
you love to ride Peyton's tricycle, play outside, play with balls, but most of all trucks! You love to make truck noises and push them all around
you love to ride the mow mow (lawn mower) even if it is just parked in the garage
you love to ride with the windows down in the truck
you eat almost anything we put in front of you
you can say anything you want to! you surprise us with your vocabulary
you love Silas. You will often say "I want Silas" Y'all play together well. Of course you fight over toys and hit each other sometimes but you are the best of friends.
oh, pawpaw! We FaceTime pawpaw all the time. You bring me the phone and ask for him
nana and you are play buddies. you drag her around and play all the time
you have a great love for family!
if we look in the mirror and ask who you are you will say "Parky" it is the cutest most precious thing EVER
daddy wanted to say that you are a rump. :) every time you wake up. every. single. time. you won't let us put you down for at least 30 minutes. you whine and want to be held, standing up, by daddy.
you are still not a sleeper. you regularly wake one to two times a night. we did have a month or two maybe where you slept. that is over now. you are back to waking up. sigh

we went on our first camping trip. our maiden voyage with the pop-up, for your 2nd birthday. you were a rockstar! you rode that little tricycle. you slept like a rock. you played in the sand. you love the outdoors. I can see this being our new vacation. dragging that little pop-up all over the southeast.

You were the piece to our puzzle that we didn't know was missing. We are so very very thankful for you.

I could not love you more.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

18-19 Months- Parker

Parker Newton,

You are keeping us on our toes! As I am writing this you have pulled a chair up to the coffee pot and are getting into everything!

The coffee pot seems to be your favorite place to go these days. I am not sure if it is because it is daddy's favorite thing or what :)

I have to say Peyton was never like this. She was a climber, but had limits, you climb everything! You pull chairs everywhere so that you can reach whatever you want to get into. You are making it very difficult for us. I attribute some of this to being a little brother. I think big sister has taught you some of these bad habits.

You are about 22.5lbs. Tall skinny boy.
Wear 12 month pants and 18 month shirts and PJs
Size 5 shoe
You can say anything you want to. You repeat anything. You best words are No!, Pey (peyton), mulk (milk), moe (more), ball, light, go, eye, si si, nana, pawpaw
You can name all the essential body parts: eye, ear, crazy hair, nose, teeth, mouth, fingers, toes, foot, elbow, belly
You have become very possessive. Daddy says you do the heisman pose. You hold your arm out and turn away saying No to keep Si Si away from whatever you have.
You JUST started sleeping! About 2 weeks ago you decided to finally start sleeping. We are about 8:30 or 9 to about 6 am. Still early but we will take it.
You nap for about 1.5-2 hours usually around 10:30 each morning.
You have started taking people places. You come and wave at us or take our hand and say moan (come on) and take us wherever.
You have the deepest voice of any baby I've ever known.
You like to help put things in the trash. You have finally differentiated it from the sink so that I do not have to dig my dishes out of the trash anymore.
You like to help empty the dishwasher and dust.
You run from the vacuum.
You answer No to every question we ask. You only throw a yes head shake in every now and then.
You are a cuddler. Daddy has spoiled you little man. You love to be held by him BUT he has to stand up and walk you around. No sitting. Oh sweet boy you are wearing him out.

We are amazed at your abilities. Your vocabulary. Everything about you amazes us.

You are the sweetest little bit I have ever loved.

I love you,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

5 Years - Peyton Lea

My precious daughter,

Another year has passed. It is so bittersweet watching you grow. I love seeing the beautiful little girl you have become. You are getting more and more independent. You are the most wonderful big sister. Parker just adores you. I feel like I am losing my little baby. You are such a grown up now. You will tell me "mama, I will always be your baby. even when I am married I will still live here with you." When I asked about your husband you replied that he could have his own room. We will see how that works out.

I am so very proud of you. You love Parker and Silas so much. You love to teach them. You treat Parker as your own little baby. You once told me "mama, I am pretending Parker is my brother". You will lay him on the couch, cover him with a blanket, and give him a baby bottle. He plays along and lays there while you pamper him. You are the best big sister.

You are my best helper. You help with anything I ask. You sometimes forget how your legs work when it is time to clean up a mess. We always get it done even if there are some tears shed.

You love nana and pawpaw. You would rather spend time with them than do anything else. I think they think you hung the moon, so that is fine with them.

You have the best friends. You tell me all about Evie, Audrey, Sophie, Miriam, Naomi, and Brooklyn. You tell me what they will be when they grow up (Evie is a gardner and you want to work at a gas station). You tell me who everyone is going to marry (You are marrying Wuke (Luke Craiger), Evie is marrying Conner I believe). You have your lives all planned out.

I love watching you dance. You sometimes say you don't like dance class because they "won't let you do what you want and sit by your friends". I do see you prancing around the house and twirling. You are my beautiful ballerina.

You are a daddy's girl. When you want to snuggle and cuddle or you don't feel good you will come to me. If you are ready to play it is daddy all the way! You love to go outside and drive your car, swing, play in the creek, or just follow him around. He is your best friend.

You are a little bit of a picky eater. You don't like mashed potatoes, beans of any kind, macaroni and cheese :) You LOVE pizza and ham and cheese sandwiches. You are in the 50% for height and weight. They are expecting you to be 5'4 to 5'7. Our perfect girl.

I am so proud of you my baby girl. Always remember I love you most.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1 Year - WHAT!?


My precious baby boy. My one year old! How did that happen? You will always be my baby no matter how old or how big you get.

...wear 12 month clothes. 
...wear a size 4 diaper 
...weigh 19.8 lbs (17%)
...are tall 30.5 in (75%)
...have 6 teeth. Four top. Two bottom.  
...are getting a little more hair ;)
...still army crawl, but you have crawled on all fours a few times. 
...pull up on everything.
...have started taking a few steps down the couch!
...climb on everything! You can get into the white rocking chair and think you are big stuff. You crawled from your stroller onto the counter at the aquarium.
...are starting to "talk". It is the cutest thing ever.
...spit. It is terrible but so cute.
...STILL do not sleep through the night. We are still up twice most nights. You have slept through the night (9:30-5:30 or 6) twice this week. I hope we are getting close!
...are weaning like a champ. You don't even seem to care. The only time we nurse is at bedtime and overnight. 
...LOVE milk. You cry when we take it to refill. three meals and two snacks a day. You are a good eater.
...just got over hand, foot, and mouth. That was pretty terrible. You screamed a few nights while the sores were in your mouth. My mommy heart broke for you.
...point at everything. You point where you want to go. Point at what you want to have. Point at someone we are talking about. You are a smart boy. I love that you are starting to communicate. to be outside. You are so relaxed when we are outside. You love to sit on the swing, swing in the car swing, sit in your red car or the wagon. As long as you are outside you are ok.
...adore your sister. You look for her, follow her, play with her (AKA take everything she has), and sometimes push her away (she might be a smotherer)
...give the best kisses. For a long time you only gave them to mommy, but here lately daddy and Peyton have gotten a few. You open your mouth wide and put it on our cheek. It is so wonderfully gross. Just yesterday when I wasn't feeling well you crawled over to me, stood up, and kissed me on the forehead. I just melted.

We took you to the aquarium today for your first birthday. You loved it more than we expected. You watched the fish, pointed, laughed, yelled, babbled. It was so fun to watch you. Daddy thinks you might be his little explorer.

I am so incredibly proud of you. I did not know that there was a hole in our family until you came and filled it. This year has flown by. I have loved every single sleepless night of it. I am so blessed to call you my son. 

I love you,