Thursday, December 29, 2016

18-19 Months- Parker

Parker Newton,

You are keeping us on our toes! As I am writing this you have pulled a chair up to the coffee pot and are getting into everything!

The coffee pot seems to be your favorite place to go these days. I am not sure if it is because it is daddy's favorite thing or what :)

I have to say Peyton was never like this. She was a climber, but had limits, you climb everything! You pull chairs everywhere so that you can reach whatever you want to get into. You are making it very difficult for us. I attribute some of this to being a little brother. I think big sister has taught you some of these bad habits.

You are about 22.5lbs. Tall skinny boy.
Wear 12 month pants and 18 month shirts and PJs
Size 5 shoe
You can say anything you want to. You repeat anything. You best words are No!, Pey (peyton), mulk (milk), moe (more), ball, light, go, eye, si si, nana, pawpaw
You can name all the essential body parts: eye, ear, crazy hair, nose, teeth, mouth, fingers, toes, foot, elbow, belly
You have become very possessive. Daddy says you do the heisman pose. You hold your arm out and turn away saying No to keep Si Si away from whatever you have.
You JUST started sleeping! About 2 weeks ago you decided to finally start sleeping. We are about 8:30 or 9 to about 6 am. Still early but we will take it.
You nap for about 1.5-2 hours usually around 10:30 each morning.
You have started taking people places. You come and wave at us or take our hand and say moan (come on) and take us wherever.
You have the deepest voice of any baby I've ever known.
You like to help put things in the trash. You have finally differentiated it from the sink so that I do not have to dig my dishes out of the trash anymore.
You like to help empty the dishwasher and dust.
You run from the vacuum.
You answer No to every question we ask. You only throw a yes head shake in every now and then.
You are a cuddler. Daddy has spoiled you little man. You love to be held by him BUT he has to stand up and walk you around. No sitting. Oh sweet boy you are wearing him out.

We are amazed at your abilities. Your vocabulary. Everything about you amazes us.

You are the sweetest little bit I have ever loved.

I love you,

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