Friday, May 19, 2017

2 Years - Parker


WHAT!? You are 2 years old!? Oh, Parker, you are the sweetest little boy I have ever known.


are inches tall
adore your sister. ADORE. She was meant to be a big sister and you her little brother. You copy her every move. Follow her everywhere. Let her do anything she wants with you. We often find you dressed up or being her baby. You let her lay you in the wagon and pull you around, carry you, place you on little beds she has made and cover you up. You eat it up.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your daddy. It is all daddy all the time. You are constantly asking for daddy. What about mommy!?
I suppose you love me too. You let me hold you sometimes. Like the times when daddy is gone. You would rather sit at his feet and cry than sit with me :)
you love to ride Peyton's tricycle, play outside, play with balls, but most of all trucks! You love to make truck noises and push them all around
you love to ride the mow mow (lawn mower) even if it is just parked in the garage
you love to ride with the windows down in the truck
you eat almost anything we put in front of you
you can say anything you want to! you surprise us with your vocabulary
you love Silas. You will often say "I want Silas" Y'all play together well. Of course you fight over toys and hit each other sometimes but you are the best of friends.
oh, pawpaw! We FaceTime pawpaw all the time. You bring me the phone and ask for him
nana and you are play buddies. you drag her around and play all the time
you have a great love for family!
if we look in the mirror and ask who you are you will say "Parky" it is the cutest most precious thing EVER
daddy wanted to say that you are a rump. :) every time you wake up. every. single. time. you won't let us put you down for at least 30 minutes. you whine and want to be held, standing up, by daddy.
you are still not a sleeper. you regularly wake one to two times a night. we did have a month or two maybe where you slept. that is over now. you are back to waking up. sigh

we went on our first camping trip. our maiden voyage with the pop-up, for your 2nd birthday. you were a rockstar! you rode that little tricycle. you slept like a rock. you played in the sand. you love the outdoors. I can see this being our new vacation. dragging that little pop-up all over the southeast.

You were the piece to our puzzle that we didn't know was missing. We are so very very thankful for you.

I could not love you more.


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