Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1 Year - WHAT!?


My precious baby boy. My one year old! How did that happen? You will always be my baby no matter how old or how big you get.

...wear 12 month clothes. 
...wear a size 4 diaper 
...weigh 19.8 lbs (17%)
...are tall 30.5 in (75%)
...have 6 teeth. Four top. Two bottom.  
...are getting a little more hair ;)
...still army crawl, but you have crawled on all fours a few times. 
...pull up on everything.
...have started taking a few steps down the couch!
...climb on everything! You can get into the white rocking chair and think you are big stuff. You crawled from your stroller onto the counter at the aquarium.
...are starting to "talk". It is the cutest thing ever.
...spit. It is terrible but so cute.
...STILL do not sleep through the night. We are still up twice most nights. You have slept through the night (9:30-5:30 or 6) twice this week. I hope we are getting close!
...are weaning like a champ. You don't even seem to care. The only time we nurse is at bedtime and overnight. 
...LOVE milk. You cry when we take it to refill. three meals and two snacks a day. You are a good eater.
...just got over hand, foot, and mouth. That was pretty terrible. You screamed a few nights while the sores were in your mouth. My mommy heart broke for you.
...point at everything. You point where you want to go. Point at what you want to have. Point at someone we are talking about. You are a smart boy. I love that you are starting to communicate. to be outside. You are so relaxed when we are outside. You love to sit on the swing, swing in the car swing, sit in your red car or the wagon. As long as you are outside you are ok.
...adore your sister. You look for her, follow her, play with her (AKA take everything she has), and sometimes push her away (she might be a smotherer)
...give the best kisses. For a long time you only gave them to mommy, but here lately daddy and Peyton have gotten a few. You open your mouth wide and put it on our cheek. It is so wonderfully gross. Just yesterday when I wasn't feeling well you crawled over to me, stood up, and kissed me on the forehead. I just melted.

We took you to the aquarium today for your first birthday. You loved it more than we expected. You watched the fish, pointed, laughed, yelled, babbled. It was so fun to watch you. Daddy thinks you might be his little explorer.

I am so incredibly proud of you. I did not know that there was a hole in our family until you came and filled it. This year has flown by. I have loved every single sleepless night of it. I am so blessed to call you my son. 

I love you,


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