Friday, May 19, 2017

5.5 Years - Peyton Lea


I have to do a quick update on by baby big girl! You have changed so much. I don't want to forget. 

You have gotten so much taller lately. You like to stand at a counter and tell me how tall you are. How you can now see over the counter. How you can reach things. 

You are becoming a beautiful young lady. You are starting to care if your clothes match, if you have a bow in your hair, what shoes you are wearing. Most of all you care about modesty and I love it! You told me that what matters is not how beautiful you are but rather if you are covered. 

You lost your first tooth! You lost your bottom, right, front tooth on Parker's 2nd birthday. You were so proud. It had been loose for a couple of weeks. You were so scared that it would hurt to lose it. You were eating a corn dog and bit down on that loose tooth. It started to bleed so I knew it wouldn't be long. Within a few minutes you were holding that teeny tiny little tooth in your hand. (BTW your tooth fairy is a little slow and left your $2 under the pillow instead of in the owl).

You have started to have more manners using yes, mam and no, mam. You say the funniest things. You have a kind heart. 

You love Parker and Silas. You act like a little mommy. You stop their fights, stick up for your brother, keep them out of trouble. You are their best friend and protector.

Oh my big girl. It makes me so sad to see you growing up so fast. I am so thankful for you and to be able to be your mommy with you on this journey. 


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