Saturday, November 21, 2015

6 months!

Parker Newton,

Half a year! How is that possible? Before I know it we will be celebrating your first birthday!

...wear 6-9 or 9 month clothes.
...wear a size 2 diaper
...weigh 14lb 6.5oz (25%)
...are 27 in tall (75%) every 2-3 hours. STILL! 
...REFUSE a bottle. REFUSE. You will either cry, spit/blow bubbles, or chew on it. mama is ready to be done, so I need for you to learn to take this bottle
...are starting to eat more baby food. a jar or more 3 times a day including meats. yumm :/
...STILL get up 2 or more times a night. 
...go right along with the sleep regressions. we are currently going through the 6 month regression which means no sleep for mama
...are the happiest little fella. You smile and smile and smile.
...only cry when you have a poopy diaper or want to eat or sleep
...ADORE and I mean adore your sister. You will laugh at her and smile and watch her every move.
...can roll both directions to hold your feet and have recently found your ears
...are about to get a tooth! Dr B says it should come through any day now. it when mommy sings to you
...are talking more and more. Daddy and I are in trouble love love to snuggle
...get excited and start kicking your feet and throwing your arms all around
...are a little skiddish. When daddy puts you in the bath you throw out your arms to the side of the tub and hold on.
...give the biggest smiles when you see mommy or daddy come in the room or our feeding pillow ha cousin Silas. When you see him you will stare and stare. 

I love you little man. You make me want to have another little guy one day. I adore you and your big smiles and bald head. You make each day a new challenge, but I would not change our crazy life.


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