Monday, October 19, 2015

5 Months

Parker Newton,

The months seem to be going faster and faster!

...wear 6-9 or 9 month clothes.
...wear a size 2 diaper
...weigh 13lb 4oz
...are 26 1/4 in tall every 2-3 hours.
...are really growing up on me! You have started to reach for things. I love to put my face close and you will put both hands on the sides of my face. It melts me.
...give kisses. I can say sugar and you open your mouth wide to give kisses. 
...reach for things and can grasp them really well
...are starting to try to sit up
...each about 1/2 to a jar of baby food a day. You love pears, mango and banana. You hate peaches! :)
...hated baby cereal and it messed up your little tummy, so we said goodbye to that!
...nurse to sleep :( This is mommy's fault because it was easy. Now I have to reverse it.
...hate to sleep! You never go down easy nor do you stay down long. You might take 2 naps a day at most and they are short (1hr ish)
...roll over on your back in your crib and chatter when you are waking up happy. We go in there and you are just smiling. This doesn't happen often thought because you normally wake up wanting to eat!
...had your first real sickness. Croup! It was terrible and I never want to relive that. You cried every time you coughed and wanted to be held and nurse all the time. 
...took your first trip to Shreveport. You did great on the trip over and slept in the pack and play like a champ! The trip back was another story though! You had gotten sick by this point and it was misery. Pure misery. I begged your daddy to leave us at a hotel and let pawpaw come get us the next day. You did not travel well in the evening. You wanted your bed. Poor fella. We stopped a LOT and fed or even just played. It was a long 9.5 hours home!

I am getting really excited about our first holidays as a family of 4! We love you Parker and can't wait for this journey with you.


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