Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1 Month!

Well, it looks like I skipped the whole pregnancy and birth! I will have to recap those at some point.

Parker Newton,

You are 1 month old already! This time has really flown by. You are a super baby. We are very blessed.

wear 0-3 month clothes. Those newborn are just too short for your long body.
wear a size 1 diaper
weigh 9lbs .5oz (30%)
are 22 1/4in (75%) tall and skinny! Marinakis :)
eat every 2.5 hours! except at night you go from 2.5 to 3 hour stretches
lost your belly button at only 8 days old! hooray
you poop a LOT and it is loud :) daddy changes all the diapers if he is home.
sleep in your sleep and rocker next to my bed
make lots of grunting noises
grin a lot
are a mommy's boy. I can calm you down the best.
look our way when mommy, daddy, or Peyton talk to you
try to look at the TV
are okay with big sister constantly being in your face. she likes to smother with hugs and kisses. she says "but I just love him so much"
sleep from about 10-8 each night getting up about 3 times. around midnight, 3:30, and 6ish. those vary about an hr either way, but that is the general range.
have been everywhere! white house, chuck-e-cheese, walmart, church at 2 weeks!, sams (your first outing), pawpaws, kadys. we just take you wherever we need to go.
went tot he nursery at 4 weeks (you cried and cried of hunger because pawpaw wouldnt come get me!)
like to be held! if you are awake you dont want to be alone.
hiccup all the time!
love bath time, well until you have to get out. you love to sit in the warm water and have it poured over you. you scream from the time we get you out until you are all dressed and snuggled. you HATE to be cold.
are called Park by mommy and Parky by Peyton (it is too cute)

Daddy and I are so glad that God chose us to be your parents. We didn't know how much we needed you in our family until you got here. Big sister Peyton adores you. She likes to smother you with love. She shows you off to everyone and makes sure they know your name is Parker Newton.

We love you mr man.


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