Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The big reveal....

I wish I could post the video! Sherry, can I post the video? It was hilarious!

Thursday, the 2nd, is Craig's mom's and Sherry's birthdays. Perfect! The perfect time to tell everyone! Well, that didn't play out like we wanted. People had to work and well, we can't keep such big news to ourselves!

Most of you know that my sister and her husband are going through adoption right now. We are so stinking excited for that little baby! Wherever he or she is we just can't wait for them to be home. I wanted to be very sensitive to their situation and tell them the news before everyone and by themselves just in case it hurt a little. Craig and I have been there and it can be hard.

So, Tuesday we decided it was time to spill the beans. We asked them to come over on their lunch break. Of course this led to questions and everyone was nervous. They didn't know what was coming and I was unsure how they would respond. They walked in and the boys started small talk. I was grinning and Kady was blunt about it "Why are we here? What did you want to talk about?" We are a lot alike.

I do not know why I was so nervous. Kady was SOOOOO excited and Stephen said he knew it. Ha ha. Typical man.

That evening we had dinner at Kady and Stephen's and the five of us headed over to Dad's to give he and Sherry the big news. We printed out the photo on the previous post and put it in a gift bag for Sherry to open as her birthday gift.

Peyton walked the bag over, handed it to her, she pulled it out and kept commenting on how cute it was and showed it to Peyton. Only then did she READ it. I think she said "really? Does your dad know?" Well, no! Let me give you a little piece of advice. If you want to keep a secret DO NOT tell my dad. He is the WORST secret keeper in history. He will take a bribe of any kind. Mostly food. He will sometimes just tell because he want's to see your reaction. OR sometimes he tells just because he wants to be the first on to tell you. He is bad! So, she passed the photo to him and he had about the same reaction.

We called the rest of my family and Craig's. The reactions were all about the same...Really!? What!? The same thoughts Craig and I had. We also had lots of tears and emotion.

This was the first time we were able to surprise anyone with baby news and it was so much fun! I enjoyed having this experience. It has been so different this time around already. I can't wait to see what is in store.

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