Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Big News! Shocking News!

This next year is going to hold a big change for our little family. We will become a family of 4! It still makes me a little teary eyed to think about that.

Let me start from the beginning. Craig and I kind of gave up on the thought of naturally becoming pregnant a long time ago. We just knew it would never happen to us and that was okay. We had doctors tell us that, and even though we know that God can make all things possible it just didn't seem to be His will for us. I mean it was 6 years before Peyton and it has been 3 since.

For the past 3 years I have had a complete peace about being a family of 3. I have not had the desire for another child. Not in the least. I never got baby fever. I talked to several people about that. I truly and honestly believe that it was God shielding my heart from a desire that we had struggled with for so many years. He was giving me a time of peace and joy. A few months ago I told Craig that my heart was starting to soften to another child. That I was starting to come around to the idea of adding to our little family. I have NEVER wanted Peyton to be an only child. I want her to have those friendships. I want her to have that family. I would have been excited to receive another blessing into our family at any time, but I had a certain peace for those years.

A long time ago I got over the excitement of taking a pregnancy test. It became something that I just didn't do. I mean why waste the money when it would be negative anyway. This time Craig had started commenting on how much I was sleeping and how tired I have been. You have to realize that for me napping is just something I do. It is just a part of me, so for him to realize that I was sleeping more is a big deal. Craig had been suggesting that I take a test. Last Sunday the 28th I finally decided to just do it. I took the little test from the dollar store. Almost immediately a little line showed up and then another! I had never seen that before. Never.

I never took a test with Peyton. Everything was doctors and bloodwork and tests and shots. I looked at the little paper and confirmed what I already knew. I called for Craig "Craig, I need you in here RIGHT NOW." He came from Peyton's room where he was getting her ready for bed, oblivious to the fact that I was even taking a test. I motioned towards the bathroom and he went in. He looked down and said "what does this mean" and started reading. I really don't remember the next moments, but I know that Peyton and I were standing in the bathroom in complete shock when I heard the garage door go up! I texted Craig

He was already headed to wal-mart! Peyton started crying because she wanted to go and I was just standing there like a deer in headlights. I finished getting P ready for bed and he returned. She went down and after several glasses of juice I took the other one.

Of course! Did I actually think it would show a different result?

And so that is how the story unfolded....

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