Monday, October 6, 2014

3 Years


I cannot  believe these 3 years have gone so fast! Everyone says they will but you never believe them. Sometimes I want to go back to when you were a little bitty and just hold you one more time, but where you are now is so much fun! I love that you can talk to me. I love that you can tell me things. I love that we can play games. I love that you pretend. I love that you love being a mommy to your babies.

You are 30 lbs! You wear pull-ups at night, but are fully potty trained other than that. You are in a 3T clothes. You have the finest, straightest, blondest hair! You do not like to do anything with it other than put it behind your ears. You immediately rip out any sort of ponytail or bow. You are SOOOO girly. Where did you come from? You like to have your purse and go to the store. You are always taking care of a baby. You love to dress up in your tutu and high heeled shoes. You love to watch George (Curious George on PBS) and Cat in the Hat. You also have taken to Dumbo which is beyond me! That is such a sad show. You still don't know your colors, everything is pink, or how to properly count. We are going to have to start "school" soon.

You started ballet class (a.k.a Dance Party) the last week of August. You go once a week for 30 minutes. Mrs Georgia is your teacher at North Jefferson Academy of Dance. You seem to like it okay. I think your favorite part is the sucker they give you when leaving. After the 1st class I asked what you learned to which you replied "you tell me." Well, I was not there, so I have no idea. After your 2nd class when I asked you if you liked it you told me "No. I wanted to hop over the apple and they made me hop over the frog". Evie joined your class on the 3rd meeting and from then on it has been a bit more exciting for you. I can't wait to see this recital in January!

I wish I had written down all of the funny things you say to us. You definitely crack us up. I love that when I tell you "I love you most" you respond with "I love you best." You love to give Eskimo kisses. You are very stubborn and very bossy. I think you have a lot of your mama in you! If there is anything out of place you are sure to tell someone to put it away, like daddy's shoes, and you always pick up your toys.

You had a wonderful 3rd birthday party! Daddy insisted we rent a jumpy and it turned out to be the best decision ever! You an your friends had the best time jumping in there. You painted a canvas for pictures. We had chips and dip and yummy cupcakes by Sam. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon outside with our friends and family. The only gift you wanted for your birthday was a guitar! Thankfully Aunt Kady and Uncle Stephen got you one. You told me that you want to "take to church. play it in the sanctuary. by uncle Stephen." Mommy and Daddy got you a devotion book and a bicycle. We have to work on the pedaling but I am sure you will get it. We also got you roller skates! I am trying to find a way to keep you active and for you to burn off all that energy in the coming winter months.

Big changes are coming this next year and I am so excited for them.

You are such a loved and blessed little girl. I am so proud to call you mine!

I love you most,


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