Monday, June 9, 2014

Updates....2 years 8 1/2 months

I can't believe I have gone so long without posting! I think about it or see my old dated blog sitting here but I lack the motivation to update :)

Let's start with Peyton.

Peyton Lea,

My goodness girlfriend! Your daddy and I sometimes think you are 2 going on 14! We get "compliments" all the time that you are a climber. You climb on everything and you are quick. You take your shoes off in Sunday school every week and you get in trouble every week. We are going to have to glue those things on you. You took a joy run through the church several months back and it resulted in Mrs Connie's first spanking of Miss P. Much deserved but so sad.

You favorite new phrase is "if you want to" so you will say something like "we can share if you want to". Of course that means sharing what I have not what you have :) You are a good sharer though. You are always giving your food to your friends. It makes my heart happy when I see you do that.

You will tell us you are going to do something tomorrow. "I go to church morrow". You are STRUGGLING with your colors. It frustrates us to no end. It is almost like you cannot see the difference in each color. The only one you know is pink. 

You LOVE to give hugs and kisses, but lately you will say "I don't want to" when we ask you to give bye hugs. What a mess. You used to stand at the door and scream "I need a hiss". You still havent conquered those Ks.

You weigh somewhere about 28lbs. You wear 3t clothes and a 2t swimsuit. Poor thing you dont have a rump to hold up the bottoms. You love your swim hat. You are potty trained! We went 2 weeks without a diaper at night, but you regressed a bit so we do pull-ups overnight. You still wake up dry most of the time. You will say "I dry!" even if you are not.

You and I went to the beach with all of the girls in the Davis side of the family a few weeks ago. You LOVED the water. You put on your float and would run and flop over in the pool. You would get about waist deep in the ocean. You had a blast. You would stay out all day or until you fell over. I was proud.

You love going to church. You call it Connie's house. You also LOVE Mrs Connie! If we ask what you are going to learn about at church you will tell us God.  You love to sing "Jesus Loves Me". Actually every night daddy and I pray with you, lay you down, turn on two stars, and sing that song to you. You sang it with your class in front of the church 2 weeks ago! What a funny time. None of yall really sang. You pray for all of our meals. Sometimes you will elaborate, but most of the time it is "Jesus, thank you for the food. Amen."

You are growing up too fast my sweet girl. I love you most.


Our lives are, well, I really don't know what they are right now. Craig was laid off in December, the 31st to be exact, and hasn't worked since. He is working on starting his real estate photography business. He says he is afraid of failure so he isn't even really trying. He is afraid of trying and failing. I know he will succeed I just have to motivate him!

We are on a majorly tight budget, but I am happier to have him home with no money than to have him working at a job that made him miserable. I just have to be careful not to take advantage of him as a babysitter. That would be too easy. He has been a wonderful help to me during the day watching P while I get my work done.

I say our motto is "...even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey..."


He feels like he is not providing for our family. He feels bad which makes me feel bad. We are never apart.  That creates a unique dynamic in itself.

Pray for us. Pray that Craig can find his place in the photography world. Pray that he can find his place as the provider for this family. Pray that we continue to keep God as the center of our marriage and family. Pray that we can bring Peyton up in a loving Christian home and teach her about Jesus.

Until next time,

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