Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 years

Miss P,

This one is hard for me to write. Not only am I emotional that my baby has turned 2, but I am away from you on a work trip. My heart hurts from missing you and your da da. Here is a little about you...

Sz 4 diaper, but not for long! You are potty training! You have taken this on yourself. We are not pushing this. You tell us potty and will actually go. You love to run naked. :) I think we can do it in the next few weeks!

18mo-24mo clothes and 6 shoe

You are such a sweet girl. You have started saying I Love You. It melts my heart. You have become lovey. You hug and kiss and cuddle. I have waited for these days. You still dont stay for very long.

One day I was coughing and you patted me on the back and said "you otay?" Since that time you go to everyone and pat them and ask "you otay?" If someone asks you "are you okay" you will say "I otay" :) It is one of my very favorite things you do.

You will say "bless you" if someone sneezes or coughs. You know so many things that we do not know how you know them.

You have started to love reading! You bring me books all the time and tell me to read.

You are the best mommy. You rock your baby and sing "Jesus loves me...bible so". You feed her in your high chair.

You tell us "i touch" when you want to feel something, "wash it" when you want to help us wash the dishes, "watch you" when you want to climb up and see what we are doing, "i help" when you want to do it too.  You are such the big helper. You like to load and unload the dishwasher. You wash your dishes. You fold the laundry. You sweep and vacuum. You dust. You make your bed! I wondered why your covers, bear, and clown were always in a pile at the end of your bed. I caught you one morning and when you wake up you actually put them there! If we go in my room before I make the bed you will tell me "uh oh, mess".

We moved you to the big kids Sunday school class a few months ago. You love it, but Mrs Connie says you have ants in your pants. You cannot sit still. Other things she has said about you...you are strong willed, independent, think you are 5... I am not sure what to think about this.

You are a terrible 2! I do not plan to take you to the store for a LONG time. You will no longer sit in the buggy. You are trying to work your way out of the high chair, but wont stay in a chair.

You are a bossy britches. Your favorite words are sit here, moan (come on), go, move, mere (come here).

You have a temper! You throw some fits little one. Whew. What to do with you? You throw yourself on the floor and go to crying. We just turn the other way.

You are really catching on to the phone. You love to call pawpaw and Kady. You talk to them now. You face-time with me while I am gone. You pretend to talk on your toy phones. Every time the phone rings we go through the list pawpaw, Kady, nana, dada.

You are starting to watch TV. We just started introducing it and you will come to us and say "show" all the time. I can tell we are going to have to be very careful with this one.

We are in for it baby girl. I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring!

I love you mommy,


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