Monday, August 26, 2013

23 Months

Miss Peyton,

You are a strong willed child! This has been one of the hardest months for us in a big area DISCIPLINE! If we spank you laugh, sit in a chair you make it fun, if we take something away you just go on to something else, and the wooden spoon... Your response was "ouch". That's it. When I am disciplining you, you will get the biggest eyes, stare at me, and act so attentive until I start laughing. We have no idea what to do with you :) we love you to pieces which is why we have to figure this thing out. We need to keep you safe! We also need to keep your food on the plate and you off of our electronics...

You are in 4 diaper, 6 shoe, and 18 month clothes, but not for long! 24 months here we come!
You are so stubborn. I believe Mrs Connie called it "independent" this past Sunday. She said its your way or no way.
We moved you to the toddler nursery and Mrs Connie's Sunday school. You were getting in trouble for climbing everything in the baby side so we decided to move you on.
You love blocks, babies, purses, shoes and everything girly
You are a neat freak! You crack me up giving dada his shoes and telling him to put them up. If we leave out a dish you are sure to point it out to us.
You have started saying please and thank you most of the time.
You give the best hugs around the neck now
You have started singing. You were rocking your baby the other day singing Jesus like the tune Jesus loves me. You also sing your ABCs all the time, at least the tune anyway. If you want us to participate you say "sing" very demanding.
You point to the radio in the car and say something which means you want your cd playing.
You are still a big time dancer! You attended VBS and danced the night away. Music was definitely your favorite part. We did see you at play time in the gym and you were participating like a big girl. You picked the baby up when she fell off the sheet and laid her back on for the game to continue.
You still wave, but you ave gotten more shy. You stay near to mommy and daddy when a stranger is talking to you.
You still have a tendency to wander off though! You are definitely not attached at the hip. Ha.
You tell people "moan" which is come on, "mere" which means you want to be picked up, "sit here", "go". Bossy britches.
You lay on the couch covered with a blanket like mommy and always have to have a "lillow" or pillow.
If we sneeze you say bless you. If we cough you pat on the back and say "ok?"  The other day you can to the bathroom door and said "mommy, in here?"  You crack me up.
We finally turned you around in your carseat this month hoping it would make you stop unbuckling yourself. It seems to have worked for the most part.

Sometimes I wish time would stand still and others I want to skip forward a few years. You light up my days whether with sunshine or the fire in my eyes :) I wouldn't trade this for the world.


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