Monday, July 29, 2013

22 Months

Peyton lea,

This one might be short because you have poopy pants that really need to be changed :) You are just so happy I hate to bother you.

You are still in 18 month clothes and a 4 diaper. You are moving to a 6 shoe which means you currently have 2 pairs that fit.

You are so smart. Almost too much so. You can say anything you want. You go to the cabinet where I have your crayons and book and tell me "color". You say please and thank you. You ask for miwk (milk) all the time. You like to call pawpaw and Kady and talk to them on the phone.

You have gotten really skiddish. If you hear a loud noise or see a stranger you rush to mommy.

You will poop in the potty sometimes but that's it. We really are not pushing it. You just sometimes tell us you want to go.

You climb on EVERYTHING! You have taken to pushing a chair around so you can reach the counters or whatever you have your eye on. The worst is that last week you started pushing it to the doors and unlocking them. We don't need unwanted visitors!

You are entering the terrible twos. You hear but don't listen. The nursery workers told us this past Sunday when they told you no you would look at them and then go back to doing whatever. When we tell you no sometimes you will just be crushed and start bawling.

We have taken to a "time-out" chair. It seems to be the only thing that will affect you in the least. We usually use it if you hit us or throw your food. When you pitch your fits (laying on your belly screaming and crying) we just ignore you and go about our business.

You LOVE to cook in your kitchen and ours. You are so inquisitive. You watch everything we do.

We love you tons. Now off to a diaper change...


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