Monday, February 25, 2013

17 months...and a few days

Peyton Lea,

These have been the greatest 17 months of my life. I love watching you grow and learn every day! So many things are happening and changing. You are growing so quickly. I don't feel like I can accurately record how much I love you and how wonderful our days are. Here is a little about you at this age...

You are in a size 4 diaper.
You moved up to a sz 5 shoe right after turning 16 months.
You are still in a 12 month clothes, but we are moving to some 18 month now. You are a petite little girl. I never thought I would say that about a child of mine :)
Your vocabulary is growing so fast! You can say mama, mommy, dada, milk, nana, poppy (you just started calling pawpaw this!), baby, blue, uh oh
You met your 1st cousin in mama's family, Addison. You didn't care much for her, but you did say baby right when you saw her. I know yall will grow up to be great friends.
You can make the dog noise. You bark at us often. You always do it when you hear Jack & Jill.
When you see a picture of yourself you say baby!
You hate to get your teeth brushed! You fuss and fuss. We lay you between our legs and pin your arms down. It gets the job done.
We can tell you to take something to the trash, to your hamper, or wherever it goes and you will take it right there! You are such the little helper.
You love to close doors. You close the fridge, bedrooms, bathrooms, anything you can close you do.
You are such a tidy girl. I am so proud. You put clothes in your hamper, the smallest spec in the trash, your toys in their bin. You are so like me. The other day I left a plate in the floor and forgot about it.  You came to get me and pointed at it like "mama take your plate".
You have stopped throwing your food in the floor for the most part.
You LOVE milk.
You learned the goodness of ranch dressing this month. You love to dip your chicken or whatever I give you.
Your legs are not bowed anymore. You walk like a little girl. You love for your daddy to chase you all around.
You love nana and pawpaw. You have the best time at their house. You have them wrapped around your little finger. They give you anything you want!
You pitch fits! You throw yourself on the ground and produce tears. You are so dramatic.
You have learned the art of dead weight. You will go limp if you do not want me to pick you up.
You jump. It is so cute. You dont really leave the ground but you think you are something else.
You are starting to pretend. You will eat from your play spoons and feed us.
I think your favorite thing in the world is music! You love for me to turn it on.  You dance and dance. You usually turn your toy on and dance in your bed every morning! We have heard you dance in the nursery as well.

Just in the last couple of days you have said Peyton, made the monkey noise, said bye poo when you threw away your dirty diaper, today you even ate with a fork for the first time, you also drug your little rocker all the way to the kitchen table and climbed up so you could watch me clip coupons! A few nights ago you fussed for a minute in the middle of the night. We didn't think anything of it. The next morning when I went to get you from the bed you had unzipped your pajamas from head to toe. Silly girl.

On your 17 month birthday we took away wubby! I was ready for a terrible weekend and you have been the perfect baby. I don't know why I was so scared. At naptime you cry and cry. BUT at bedtime...1st night you fussed about 5 minutes and then fell asleep all night. 2nd night you did about the same. Last night you didn't fuss. You laughed in your room for a while and then fell asleep. 

I cannot wait to see where you are at 18 months!

I love you,

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