Friday, March 22, 2013

18 Months

Miss P,

You are now 18 months! I guess sooner or later I will have to stop doing these updates. For now I like remembering you as you are today.

Size 4 diaper
Size 18 month clothes
Size 5 shoe
22lbs 11 oz
32 in 

Your favorite thing to do...DANCE! You dance to everything and anytime.
You know lots of words! mommy, nose, milk, please, shoes, poo. You can really say anything you want.
You can show us your crazy hair, ears, eyes, and nose
You make the sounds of monkey and dog. Dog happens a lot. Whenever you hear Jack & Jill you join in.
You give hugs, kisses, waves, you blow kisses, and you just learned eskimo kisses!

Your favorite toys are probably your kitchen and purse.
You love to pretend. You cook us something good all the time and love to feed it to us.
You can now climb up onto the couches and get to whatever we have.
You love phones! The house phone or cell phones. Mommy and daddy do not let you have them, but others, well, they are a different story!
You drag your rocker into the dining room, climb up, and watch mommy work during the day.
You love to help with the laundry and hand me everything out of the dishwasher to put up. You are such a big helper!
You love to vacuum. Whether it is with your little one or following me around when I am using mine.
You are learning to eat with a fork and off of a plate.

You throw little fits. It is actually very funny. You have learned the art of dead weight and will pull it anytime you dont want to do something. You will throw yourself on the ground and cry if you dont get your way.

You are such a joy. Don't grow up too fast!


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