Wednesday, January 23, 2013

16 Months!

Peyton Lea,

16 months already? I keep thinking about "this time last year" or "this time two years ago". I cannot believe we just marked two years since we found out you were on your way!

You are still in a 4 diaper.
12 month clothes
Size 4 shoe

You are starting to change your nap schedule. You still go down for an hr in the morning, but you never go to sleep. You just play in your bed for an hour. You actually nap from noon to 3. Your sleep is 7 PM to 8 AM.

You have lots of teeth. 3 of your 4 molars have come through and I think the other one is on its way. At least I hope that is why you are still waking up in the night! You had your first dental appointment this month. You did really good! You did cry while they cleaned your teeth, but as soon as they were done you were a happy little girl. I am getting better at brushing your teeth. We sit in the floor and I pin your arms under my legs. You scream and scream while we do it, but then you are happy as can be. What a mess :)

You LOVE music! You dance and dance. You will turn on your toys just so you can dance to the music. I love to dance with you. It is hilarious.

You jump and run and climb. You can get up onto the couch with just a little help.

You love to "help" me with the laundry (you pull all the clothes out and lay them everywhere), the dishes (you hand me things from the dishwasher), and the floors (you get a rag and wipe them for me). You close the dishwasher and fridge. You are such a big helper.

You sometimes give dada and me hugs and kisses. Dada says that every night after he gets you dressed you will throw your arms around his neck and give him a hug.

You love books, but you wont let us read them to you! You just flip the pages and get another one.

You love to crawl all over us. I think it is your favorite thing!

You have a temper! If you do not get your way or what you want you will walk away and cry and cry. You always have your little head cocked to one side while you cry. You wont come anywhere near us. It is really funny. Sometimes you will even fall on your belly and scream. Oh my.

That is all I have for now little one. We love you very much! I am so blessed to have you as my daughter!


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