Sunday, December 23, 2012

15 Months!

Peyton Lea,

You are now 15 months old and we are anxiously anticipating your 2nd Christmas! I keep wanting to call it your first since last year you were a little lump :)

We have already had Christmas with pawpaw, the Marinakis, and in Shreveport. You are so funny. We gave you your first gift at pawpaw's, a kitchen plate set from Kady & Stephen, and you sat on it. You sit on everything! After our Christmas in Shreveport I have decided not to wrap all of your gifts. Watching you unwrap them is painfully slow and you get distracted easily.

I have dreamed of these days for so long. I am so excited to have Christmas with you! I cannot wait for future years where we can make memories. Where you will get excited about Santa coming. Most of all, where you will understand the true meaning of Christmas.

You have a pretty great schedule right now. Bed about 7:30-8:30 up about 8:30 or 9. Nap at 9:30 and again at 1:30! Get you off that schedule though and you are a bear! You do not sleep well away from your bed. You slept with me in Shreveport and it was misery. You flip and flop all night long!

When you are ready to go to bed you will come to me and lay your head on me or fuss. You will go point to wubby. I give him to you, pick you up, you lay your head on my shoulder as we go down the hall, we say bedtime prayers and I lay you down. You are such a great baby. We do have to work on da da with this routine. You will not let anyone other than me lay you down! Anyone else and you just start crying. I do love that you love me so.

What are you up to?
-Chris & Shauna Aaron gave you a kitchen set and rocking chair. These are your two favorites right now. You play with that kitchen all the time. You are constantly stirring something. You learned to crawl up into your rocker and to get down quickly. You sit there and rock back and forth. You normally drag a doll up there with you. You have also used it to stand in and access the ornaments on the Christmas tree.
-You jump! Your feet dont leave the ground but you bend your little legs and spring up. It brings big smiles.
-Still in size 4 diaper, 12 months clothes, and size 4 shoe
-You LOVE milk! You squeal when da da pours you more.
-You are a big helper! You like the vacuum and broom. You will get the towel and clean up your milk! Some had spilled in the floor one night and you toddled off. Da da and I wondered where you were going. You came back with a towel and wiped it up. We were shocked and so proud! You have a lot of your mommy in you baby girl!
-You tell us what you want. You go to the kitchen. If we do not follow you come back and get us. We follow you in and you point at the fridge for milk, the cabinet for snacks, or the counter for wubby.
-You are so girly! You love to have a bracelet, necklace, purse... You just trot around with it on your arm. Where did you come from? :)

You stand in front of the tree every day! You squat down and wait as we count to 3 and plug it in. Then you throw you arms into the air so that we will lift you up and you can see the ornaments. Your favorites are the car and the carnival.

You loved the Christmas parade! I held you in the bjorn and you pointed and went ooohhh at each float.

I love you to the moon,


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