Friday, November 23, 2012

14 Months...what!!!!

Miss P,

Yes, I did miss 13 months :( I am not even sure what was going on at the time, but I know you have been keeping us super busy!

At 13 months you are...
in size 4 diapers
in 12 month clothes
size 3-4 shoes
still nap twice a day, but it is changing. about an hr in the morning and 3 in the afternoon
STILL wake up once a night for water from a bottle
still love wubby at bedtime. I am afraid to try to break you of this.

You bring joy to EVERYONE around you! At the Thanksgiving lunch at church you ran through the gym with your hands in the air screaming.

You smile and wave at everyone.
You blow kisses and sometimes will even give mommy and daddy kisses (open mouth->touch face)
You give love (hugs)

You LOVE pawpaw and nana! You light up when you see them and squeal! The other day at their house you went up to pawpaw and tickled his feet without anyone prompting you.

You cleaned up your spilt milk this week! You had a wipe and went over and wiped it off the floor. You will also take a rag and "clean" the house. It is so cute. You have a lot of your mommy in you!

You talk a LOT! We are afraid you are never going to be quiet :) You can day mama, dada, nana, no

You point a lot as well. You will take us to the kitchen and point at the fridge for milk or at the cabinet (the exact one where your food is) for a snack.

You love to eat! You get all happy when we put you in your seat.

You have only cried once when we left you in the nursery, but it broke our hearts.

Bath time is your favorite. You would stay in there forever. It is your special time with daddy.

You can open cabinets and drawers. You know the exact two that are broken and you can open in the kitchen.

You like to bring us books, but rarely sit through more than two pages.

Over the last few weeks you have wanted to be rocked before you go to bed. I rock and sing to you or dada will rock and pray over you. It is a special time.

Today you started trying to jump. It is so cute. You are so proud of yourself. You just grinned even though only one foot even tries to come off the ground. It is precious.

You can put the rings on the stand. You have learned so much.

You frustrate dada with your determination when it comes to puzzles. You get the wrong piece and press as hard as you can trying to get it to go in.

You are a little monkey. You climb on the tables and up your stroller. We have to watch you close!

I think your favorite thing right now is your baby. You adore that baby. You drag her everywhere. You pull her into your chair with you. You feed her the bottle. Little mommy.

You like peek-a-boo! You will pull a blanket up in front of you and then drop it down. over and over

You are such a girly girl. You got your links and put them on as a necklace. You take your little teether and put it on as a bracelet. You take my little wristlet and carry it as a purse. Where did you get it?

I love you little girl and enjoy watching you grow every day. I love being here with you every step of the way!

I love you,


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