Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great Strides

Peyton, Peyton!

You have made so great strides this last week, so I wanted to document them here. I don't want to forget.

It seems like turning one just triggered something for you...

You learned how to "work" one of your toys. You can now drop the disk into the slot! It rolls around and comes back out. You are so proud of yourself. You did it 100 times in a row when you figured it out!

You say "uh oh". Now your vocabulary is mama, dada, nana (banana), and uh oh :) You jabber a LOT! These are the only discernible words and you seem to use them at the right times!

You took your first steps!!! September 30th! Mommy saw the first two and dada joined for the rest. You were playing on the bottom of the end table and sat at the edge. You stood up and your little legs started to tremble. Then you took 2 or 3 steps and I screamed. You fell and dada came running. You hopped back up and toddled around for us the rest of the evening! Since then you have forgotten how to do it :)

You can work your walker. It is so cute. You look like a little old lady. You can push it around. You now turn it to avoid objects or if you get stuck in a corner you can maneuver it around until you are headed in the other direction.

You do not throw things as you had been. Now you will intentionally put them somewhere. I wish we had gotten that on video. It was so funny to watch you throw something down.

You hug everyone and everything! So sweet. You only give kisses to inanimate objects. Things like the fake ducks at the park, your babies, even your books get kisses.

You put phones and remotes up to your ear and "talk" into them. You definitely know what a phone is and what you do.

You love for us to read you books. You crawl up to us and climb into our lap with the book of your choice. Of course you like to flip the pages more than anything, but we have read a few pages.

You dont seem to want your wubby anymore. You will not take it! It is amazing. You never want it nor use it when we do give it to you. I hope you have weaned yourself. As hard as the bottle has been to get rid of I was dreading wubby.

You are beckoning, so I will stop there for now.

Much love my darling daughter,


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