Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 Months


I am hyperventilating just typing that! 11 months! Your 1st birthday is only a month away! I have anxiety every time I think about it. You are growing up so quickly!

You are in size 4 diaper, size 12 month clothes, size 3 shoes (when you wear them, which is never)
You have 7 teeth! 4 on top and 3 on bottom with another on the way!
You LOVE bananas! You have one every day for lunch. Other than that you eat whatever we are eating which lately has been pizza, cinnamon rolls, biscuits. Yes, we are health nuts! :)
You call for mama ALL THE TIME! When I am here, when I am not, anytime! Mostly you whine or cry it because you want me to hold you or you want something.
You are starting to get attached. You do not let go when people hold out their arms anymore, but you haven't started crying yet.
You are on a pretty predictable schedule. Up at 8 or 8:30. Breakfast & 4 oz bottle. Nap at 9:30. Up at 11:30. Lunch & 4oz bottle. Nap at 2. Up at 3:30. Dinner about 4:30. Bath at 6:30. 4-6oz bottle. Bed at 8.
We have had several play dates with Ty. Y'all do great together.
You had your first non-family babysitter for 2 days while I was attending a conference. Mrs Cindi Smith kept you. You loved her and she loved having you!
You are crawling everywhere! You can pull up on anything including the wall.
You climb in your exersaucer, the dishwasher, and anything low enough for you to get your leg up on.
You have yet to take any steps.
You can squat and pick something up and stand back up.
You are VERY cautious!
You have a temper! You will scream if we take things away or move you away from certain things.
You are still eating everything! We have to keep an eye on you. I am ready for this to be over :)
You spend every day in your diaper :) I get you dressed after your 2nd nap. You are happier that way.
You can clap and wave. You do not wave on command or when it is appropriate. You do it more when you are eating.
If you think you are going to fall or someone is going to drop you, you hold on for dear life!

Your favorite games...
You love for dada to "get you". You get all excited and squeal. Your laugh is the BEST!
You love the window at pawpaws. You stand there forever and look out.
Every night dada gets in your "house" with you.
You love peek-a-boo.
You love for me to tickle your feet. You will pull them away and then put them back.
You love to "ride the little horsey down to town..."
You love "this little piggy..."
You love to pull out your book and read.
At least once a day you come over and blow on my leg. I made the mistake of laughing one time. Now you do it every day. Each time you get it to make a noise you look up at me and smile. In fact you are doing it right now! Thank you for reminding me how chunky my things are. It gives me the incentive to work out every day :)

One day during the olympics I had the TV on and I heard you laughing. I looked over and you were laughing at the horse jumping on TV!

You love your pawpaw. I have to record this one thing...The other day I had to go out early, so pawpaw came to watch you til dada came home. When it came time for pawpaw to leave you crawled to him, he picked you up, and you waved bye bye to dada. Dada said his feelings were hurt. I am sure pawpaw loved it!

We love you tons and tons baby girl,

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