Friday, June 22, 2012

9 Months!

Peyt Peyt,

I am starting this post on the 15th because you are doing so much I just don't want to forget it!

6/8 You started crawling! I cannot believe it. I thought it would never happen ha
6/11 Daddy found your top tooth while cleaning a silica packet out of your mouth! Oh yes, we are model parents :)
6/14 You pulled up for the first time in your crib. Daddy found you after your nap standing! Needless to say the crib has been lowered.
6/15 You drank from a sippy cup for the first time! I have given it to you before but you would only chew on it. Today I finally got you to take a drink of water!

You enjoy feeding yourself. You just haven't gotten back into baby food since our trip. You self feed carrots, wheels, puffs, avocado, apples, bananas

It is now your 9 month birthday! Wow, the year is flying by.

For some reason you have decided in the past week that sleep is overrated. Daddy and I are TIRED!

Nana and pawpaw say that you said dada on Father's day, but we didn't hear it. The day after though you did start saying it for us.

You are in 9 month clothes.
Size 4 diaper.
Drink about 4 bottles a day of about 8oz each.
You talk a lot and you are LOUD :)
You hate for things to touch your feet.
You have started being such a serious baby. We have to do a lot to get a smile out of you these days. When people say hey to you now you just stare them down. No more big smiles.
You love cords! Any cord you can find you immediately go for it and try to chew it. Dada and I have to watch you constantly.
If you find a button that makes noise you press it repeatedly.
You love to be outside! We take you for walks in your stroller, we swing on the porch, we even put your saucer out there and let you hang out sometimes.
You are still nosy as ever. You have to know what everyone is doing and stare at everyone!

Tomorrow you will attend your first birthday party, Ty is 1! You will also wear your little swimsuit for the first time. I can't wait. I know you will be cute as a button!

Love you baby girl. You are the light of our lives.


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