Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Months!


You are such a joy! You have changed our lives completely and we are so in love. Nana often comments...What did we do before we had her.

This month has been full of exciting things! We took a trip to Shreveport for the 4th of July. You got a few teeth while we were there, so couple that with missing your bed and daddy and I got no sleep on that trip! We also found out that you are going to have a new cousin! Aunt Heather is expecting in February. Nana and Pawpaw are already planning their trips to take you with them.

You are changing so quickly! You crawl everywhere and are into EVERYTHING! Baby proofing is in full force here.

You love to chase daddy around the ottoman. He chases you around the house and you will crawl faster and faster and squeal in excitement.

You have started pulling up. In fact you just stood up next to me and are trying to add your touch to this post.

We moved you to your convertible carseat. You are such a big girl!
You are in 12 month clothes, size 2 shoe (when you wear them), and a size 4 diaper.
You are eating people food! I still give you baby food for breakfast. Usually a cereal and fruit. For lunch you have what I have. The last week that has been half a banana and a piece of bread. For dinner you eat whatever we are having. So far you have had spaghetti (penne noodles), rice, peas, lima beans, potatoes, rolls, macaroni, crackers.
You can say mama and dada. I think I heard uh oh the other day too :)
You like to roll a ball back and forth. You think you are a big shot.
You like to climb over things. Mostly people.
You have 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom.
You still have your crazy hair! It gets commented on the most.
You smile at EVERYONE!
You now dance to music. That really means you get on your knees and bounce up and down.
You sleep 9 - 8 most nights with 2 naps during the day usually at 10:30 and 2 ish.

I am sure there is more I will add later, but for now I must stop and ease your fussing. Nap time?

I love you,

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