Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Months!

Peyton Lea,

We are closing in on the half year mark so fast! Some days I just want to hold you forever and hope you never grow another inch...others I am waiting for the next stage :)

You are in size 2/3 diaper depending on the brand
6 month clothes but quickly moving into 9 month
You still take 6 oz bottles 5 times a day

You are sleeping like a champ! We are getting 12-13 hour nights sometimes. It is wonderful. We feel like a whole new family.

You laugh all the time! You think you are the funniest person on earth. You will just laugh and laugh at yourself. You LOVE your kick mat, your kick table, and your exersaucer. Mommy is so thankful!

You have taken to spitting up lately. Not sure why but for the past few weeks you seem to spit up at least once after every meal. That leads to a lot of dirty laundry! The worst though is that you also poop out the top of your diapers! Every time you poop it goes up your back. We can't figure it out. That means I am running the washer almost daily! Sometimes more than once a day. I need to invent the leak proof diaper :)

You have had two bad times in the nursery. We aren't sure what happened but you screamed and they had to come get me. It made me feel good that you settled down once you were in my arms. One night we went to get you in the nursery and you were laughing so hard your belly was shaking! The kids had you rolling. They would run up to you and fall down and you would just crack up.

You give men the most smiles. You smile for everyone. You are such a happy baby.

We just adore you. You are so loved by everyone.

I told daddy last night that sometimes I look at you and it is so weird. It is like the baby in my baby book that I have seen forever suddenly came to life. You look so much like me as a baby.

You have learned how to hold your own bottle, but you are lazy and only do it when I make you :) You reach for everything and can grab on. You have a good grip.

You love to go go go...We put you in your carseat and we get big smiles and sometimes a laugh.

I cannot wait to see what the next stage holds but I am going to miss my little one. You already won't let us snuggle with you long. You like to stretch out. I don't think you are going to be a cuddle bug.


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