Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am trying something new this week...a schedule! Most of it has been dictated by what Peyton has been doing the past week or so, but I am trying to make it habit.

Up at 6:45- she dictates this. I will not wake her! This is the time she has been getting up.
Nap time in her crib at 9- usually down about an hr to hr and a half
I haven't gotten a handle on the afternoon nap. It happens whenever and wherever. Poor thing it is usually in the floor. It usually happens in spurts of 15-30 mins. I need to pick a time and put her down. Would probably make for better sleep.
Bed time is around 7:30-8

She went up to 6.5 oz bottles today. We will see how that goes.

She still eats every 3 hours. Sometimes 2.5. The past two night she has taken a 4oz bottle right before bed, hence the increase in food :)

Ready for the 6 month mark. No more pumping!! Solids will be introduced. Oh I am counting the days! 16 if you want to know. Our life will change. Mine for the better. SOOOO much better! :)

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