Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Peyton's Birth Story

It has taken me a while...almost two weeks...to get around to writing this. I hope I can remember everything!

I went in on Wednesday, September 21st, for my 39 week appointment. At that time I was 2cm and 70%. We went ahead and scheduled me to be induced on the 22nd! So exciting! I had to be at the hospital at 5am. Craig went to work that day and I came home and prepared for baby! We went to church that night and no one could believe we were there when we were having a baby in the morning! I saw it as a great way to pass the time and I love church! We actually both slept well that night. I was expecting not to be able to sleep, but I think God knew we would need that rest!

The morning of the 22nd we woke at 3:30 and were out the door about 4:15. It was a strange feeling heading to the hospital knowing that when we got back in the car we would be a family of three!

When we arrived they took us straight to our room and let us settle in. They had me in the bed hooked to an IV by 5:15. At 5:30 they checked me and I was already 3cm! I had dilated a cm since my appt the day before! They broke my water at 5:30 and at 5:50 they started the pitocin.

My family arrived around 7or 7:30 that morning. Dad, Kady, Sherry, and Stephen hung out with us while we waited. I really started to feel the contractions coming on but they were not unbearable. They did get so close together that it was almost constant pain and that is when I decided to call for the epidural. I had asked my nurse before then when I should get the epidural and she would only say "you'll know". I felt like a sissy for asking for the epidural so early. I thought "I am only 3!", "I will be without my legs all day"! They had told me to expect a 10-12 hour labor since this was my first.

We sent everyone out to get Starbucks while they put in my epidural. It was actually a very easy process. They had me sit cross legged on the bed while they did it. I felt the burn of the numbing shot then a LOT of pressure in my bottom. I also had a "charlie horse" in my left leg. Turns out my left side numbed and they had to roll me onto my right to have it numb as well. At least we got them both numb!

The family came back in while I waited on the epidural to take effect. Once I was numb we sent the family out, this time Craig stayed, while they were going to put in the catheter and check me again. They inserted the catheter and then she checked me. Her eyes got wide and she said something like "you are not going to believe this!" She let the student nurse check me and then told me that I was 9.5! She said there was only a lip! The doc was going to be mad at her because she didn't have anything ready. She didn't expect me to go so fast and didn't think she would even be there when I actually delivered since she got off at 3. She said she thinks I could have gone natural since I was probably that far along when they gave me the epidural. I disagree! The 1.5 hrs of pushing would have killed me!

I have to say when she told me that is when it hit me. My eyes started to tear up and I felt an overwhelming anxiety! I called my family and told them they could come in and wish us luck or they could just stay in the waiting room. They opted to stay out.

At 10:15 we started pushing. Craig and the student nurse would hold my legs and we would push 3 times with each contraction. At 11:15 the price is right had been turned off, Craig said it ruined the moment, and the nurse said we would only push another 30 minutes before calling the doc. At this point I was tired. Mostly mentally. I was getting tired physically, but for me it was more of a mental game. I could not SEE progress so I was getting terribly discouraged.

The nurse had been telling me it was just getting the baby past the pelvic bone. Well, she was right. As soon as her head made it past that point the nurse said "we aren't going to push again until the doctor arrives". She called for him and with my next contraction I told her that I could feel a lot of pressure. She checked and Peyton was coming on her own! I was not pushing and she was coming on out. The nurse grabbed my legs and held them together and called for the doctor 2 more times!

I have to say those minutes were the longest of the day! I was panicked! I could not believe we had been trying so long to get this baby out and now she was holding it in! She said she had delivered 21 babies and was not going to make it 22.

When Dr Damrich arrived he saw the baby and RUSHED to get into a gown and catch the baby. He wasnt there more than 2 minutes before she was out. At 11:53 we had our baby girl!

She had such great color they immediately put her on me and did a 5 minute apgar (she got a 9.9!). As soon as she was in my arms the tears started to flow. I couldn't even talk.

As for daddy...I was so proud of him. He watched the whole thing. He didnt know what was going on when they broke my water so he saw that on accident. The rest he chose to watch. He was amazed. He would tell me when he could see her head. It would get me all teary eyed and I had to tell him to stop. I couldn't concentrate when he would say that and I would start to cry. I really thought he would be more emotional, but he said it was more amazement.

We were in awe!

They let me feed her and then they warmed her. They bathed her and warmed her again. The family didn't see her until she was about 2 hours old! Dad and Sherry didn't get to hold her until about 3:15 when she finally came out of the warmer.

It was a day to remember. I have been told to get to the hospital fast with the next one! :) I guess Peyton was about ready to make her appearance on her own. We just helped her out a bit.

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