Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To my daughter, Peyton Lea


To my precious baby girl, Peyton Lea...

I cannot believe you are already 12 days old! It is already going by too quickly! You are changing every day. It already makes me sad to look back at photos from when you were born because you already look so much older.

You definitely have your days and nights mixed up. You sleep all day and are awake all night. You go into what I call coma sleep during the day where it is impossible to wake you. During the night you are wide eyed. You hate for us to lay you down! We have had a few miserable nights. We finally decided the best way for you to sleep right now is in your car seat in the middle of our bed. I pray we get out of this stage SOON!

One night we were up changing you, this was probably night 2 at home, and during the diaper change you decided to start pooping and then tried to nurse on my shirt. That brought us a little laugh in our sleep deprived state.

We noticed at about 11 days old you are so much more alert. You track our voices with your eyes. You know mommy and daddy.

You are one gassy baby! I think we will go through this bottle of gas drops in a week! Your daddy says you have grown man toots and they stink....daddy wants to put you out in the hall.

You like to eat! Mommy hopes you are getting enough. You sure do seem to enjoy it. You usually fall asleep while feeding. Mommy has a hard time waking you to feed sometimes and then keeping you awake is also a challenge.

You have daddy's hair...poor child :) At least you can grow it long and the cow licks will never matter. You have the long Marinakis fingers. Aunt Kady is so happy you have something of hers!


Yesterday was a rough day. Hence the two days it has taken me to write this. You had to be held all day! Every time I tried to lay you down even for a moment you would cry. You never had a good nap. You were awake and alert almost all day! I did lay you down while I took a shower and felt like the worst mom in the world when I could hear you screaming while I was in there. I had hoped this would help you sleep last night, but that was not to be. You had a new cry for us! Rather than a muawah it was more of a waaa shrill. It was awful! The worst part is that we cannot figure out why you do this every night. You are fed, degassed :), dry, and loved. Everything is the same as during the day, but you cry. You just won't stop. The only thing that calms you is for daddy to swing you in your car seat, but that is a bit heavy and doesn't last long. Hopefully Dr Blair will be able to help us with that tomorrow.

We are over the moon and completely in love with you. We are so blessed to have you as our daughter. We look forward to each new stage ahead.

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