Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High Chairs!

Why do high chairs have to be so confusing and frustrating? I didn't spend this much time picking out our stroller/car seat combo!

After asking a few ladies and looking online I have 3 I am considering. I am sure there would be more, but I refuse to look at more and make my list longer!

Chicco Polly Double Pad Highchair: $135
-Hard to clean
-Recommended by a blogger friend
-Removable tray liner
-2 cushions so one is always clean

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair: $83
-Easy to clean

Graco Blossom Highchair: $160
-High chair, booster, and youth chair all in one
-Will I use a booster?
-I can see the youth chair being useful.
-Does not fold

1 comment:

  1. I would definitely go with something easy to clean. Mine is terrible to clean and I wish I just had bought a really simple model without all the little holes and yucky places that food gets stuck! I do use a booster for Daniel now that Colin is in the highchair, but we just bought a cheapy booster that straps onto your regular chair. If I bought one that converted, it wouldn't be helpful because I would have needed the highchair at the same time as the booster for baby #2. I don't know about folding because I never fold mine up. It is always out because they eat so often (meals + snacks) that it would not make sense to me to fold up all the time. Of course, it depends on the space in your house too. Don't stress about it too much. Whatever you pick will do the job. :)