Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day in the Life- Day 6

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to work, back to work, always back to work...

This day is going to look VERY familiar

5:20- Craig's alarm went off and he set out to getting ready and making breakfast
5:35- My internal alarm went off for some reason. I think it was the needed potty break. At least I slept this long... it was up and at em for chocolate chip muffins (a staple in this house) and some Top Shot
6:20- He was out the door and I was back to work.
We can basically skip down now until 3:30! The day was work, work, work. I take a lunch break at 11 and have cereal most days. Today it was Frosted Mini Wheats. My FAVORITE! I also take my shower during my lunch break.
3:30- Craig gets home.
4:00- Dinner time. We made grilled chicken quarters, rice, green beans, salad, and strawberry pretzel dessert leftover from the 4th.
From then on it was basically a LAZY afternoon. I read. Craig watched animal shows on netflix.
10:00- Bed time!

Wow we are boring. I was talking to Craig last night, sometimes we have something to do EVERY weekend and EVERY weeknight. Then there are times like this where we have been at home for the last month or so for every weekend. We have gotten a lot done. Our weeknights are filled with nothing. We sit and relax. I guess we should just enjoy it :) It seems to come in waves. This is a downtime. I think the busy time is just around the corner though. I can already see it.

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