Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day in the Life- Day 4

Sunday, July 3, 2011

7:00- My internal alarm clock went off as it does almost every Sunday. Not sure why I even set my church alarm for 8! Shower time! Craig got up as I was getting out. I had him grab the paper and I clipped coupons while he made breakfast. It was bacon and egg muffins this morning.

8:50- Out the door! I have to say this was a little early for us. We usually head out about 9-9:15

9:05- Already at church! Realizing we needed something for the picnic we decided to make a Walgreens run. I did a little coupon shopping and we grabbed some drinks and chips for the picnic.

9:40- Little late to SS, but we don't actually get started until 9:45 so it was all good.

11:45- Church is out. headed to the pavilion for the picnic.

1:30- Home! Nap time for me. I woke about 3:30 I think.

4:00- Had some cereal for dinner and settled in with my book. Craig watched some TV and made his homemade fruit rollups.

Midnight- Rollups were done and I was past done. Bed time for us!

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