Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel, Swelling, and Cramps

Well, I am in Shreveport! I made it after a LONG day of travel.

Lets just say I will NEVER fly American again! I got the airport an hr before my "scheduled" flight. I was told it was too late to check-in, you only have to check-in 30 minutes prior. I looked over my itinerary and they had moved me to an earlier flight. REALLY! You weren't going to tell me about this? They say they notified my "travel agent" which is AmEx online, so no updates came my way. Thanks for that.

I spent the next 4 hrs in the bham airport. Made it to Dallas where I spent 2 hrs in their airport and finally arrived in SP at 4:45. Long day. I had a quick salad and potato at Ruby Tuesday's and called it a night.

I have to say traveling at 24.5 weeks pregnant was harder than I expected. I couldn't carry weight. Shouldn't lift. My legs were swelling. I had to potty. It was not terrible but not as easy as I thought it would be.

When I got here my belly was sore, attributed it to the weight of my carry ons that I lugged around all day, and my legs were swollen. That is not unusual for me after a day of travel. What happened that night was.

That night I woke up with the MOST painful leg cramp I have EVER had in my LIFE! BAD! I thought I would cry. I prayed to God to make it stop.

I attributed the cramp to travel, but according to women on FB they are normal and painful during pregnancy.

Even today, 2 days later, my legs are swollen, crampy, and VERY sore. I just can't figure out what to do to get them to go down. Yesterday I hydrated as best I could. I probably should have done more, actually I probably should have hydrated more before my flight as I was instructed by the nurse :). I have spent a lot of time with my feet up resting. The swelling just won't leave. Normally it is gone at this point.

I will keep hydrating today and I am considering calling the doc.

Today I have lunch with Carrie and Jennie. I am considering Monjunis for dinner. Lasagna. Yummy! I have been looking forward to that for some time now.

Tomorrow is BABY SHOWER DAY and my 25 week post (oh and Craig will get to SP :))! I hope to have pics to post on Friday. I am so excited I just can't stand it.

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