Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shreveport: Work, Baby Shower, and a Wedding!

Beware...long post with LOTS of photos :)

Last week was a whirlwind...I already blogged about the travel on Monday. Other than that it was a GREAT but BUSY week!

I worked in the office Tues-Thurs. It is weeks like that when I miss being in the office. It was so much fun to have my coworkers around. Surprisingly I got a lot accomplished in those few days and had time to catch up with everyone. I wish we lived closer.

Thursday night I had my first baby shower for Peyton! My sisters-in-law threw it for me. Thanks to Becki, Carrie, and Kristie! It was beautiful and lots of fun.

The table with all the yummy food.

Me with the hostesses and my mother-in-law (Kristie, Becki, Me, Carrie, Terri)

Crystal, Brandi, Jennie

Laura, Stephane with Kelley, Erin

Playing the toilet paper game. Erin won a Hobby Lobby gift card. I think I was 9 sheets around :)

Me with all the cute baby girl gifts :) I never thought I would like pink so much. (look at those legs/ankles! Whew. I know I have Davis legs, but those things were extra swollen. after 2 days at home they are about back to normal again)

The cutest outfit from Stephane and Patrick. I cannot wait to put her in this!

Basket of goodies from Keith and Becki! Everything was monogrammed. I love it :)

Our diaper bag! Craig was excited to see something he picked out. So cute!

The delicious cake!

Craig arrive right after the party and had to get a photo!

Friday afternoon before heading to the wedding rehearsal we met our friends Heath and Crystal Nevins at The Well. It had been WAY too long. We enjoyed the time catching up. Their little girl will be here in November. We look forward to getting them together when we are over for Thanksgiving! BTW if you are in SP the Rwandan Special at The Well is SOOOOOO yummy!

That night we headed to Southern Trace for the wedding rehearsal. It was HOT...I am not even sure that word fits what it felt like out there.

Our table at the rehearsal dinner at Robinson Film Center downtown. Fun times with old friends. Craig had fun catching up with them. (Me, Craig, Jennie, Matt, Michael, Autumn, Judd)

Craig and I after the rehearsal dinner. Excuse my evil eyes.

Saturday we went to Jill's Gymnastics for Rilea's 6th birthday party.

Wedding time! Here is the groom's cake. His mother made this cake to look like his camera. She is so talented and it was yummy.

Craig and I at the wedding.

The bride and groom.

Craig during the ceremony. Looking all handsome in his tux.

Craig and his best friend Matt, the groom.

All of the Hudsons at the reception. Cooling off and filling up :)

When we got home there was a gift waiting for us! The Hills, Bischoffs, and Fallwells sent us her bouncer. You can also see the mess of shower items strewn about. I had to go through it all again!

Since it was Father's day Craig also had a special gift waiting on him when we got home. He only took a photo of the knife, but he also received a pink camping chair and fishing pole set for Peyton. He was so excited! He is ready for her to be old enough to go out with him.

That was our weekend away! Whew tires me just thinking about it. I would do it all over again. We had so much fun. Now that it has passed it is just one more thing checked off on the way to Peyton's arrival! We are getting closer :)

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