Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She's a Kicker....

and I LOVE to feel it!

I love the reassurance that she is in there and doing alright. I have been feeling her kick since right at 17 weeks. It is always on the lower right, but yesterday I felt her on the left a couple of times. I know she rolls a lot because I can feel that, but I think she did a turn yesterday!

If she keeps the same sleep patters out in the world that she has right now we are in TROUBLE! She is awake in the mid-morning and in the evenings. She sleeps most of the day. The problem is she is awake most of the night or at least around 3-4. I wake up at that time most nights and she is moving! Now granted all of this is based off of what I feel. I dont know when she is actually awake/asleep, but those are her kick patterns.

Oh and my girl loves chocolate! Last Friday I had chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and she kicked aggressively all morning. That night I had chocolate syrup on my Yogurt Mountain and she was kicking up a storm. Craig felt her good! ha.

I think God gives me this little window to her. Some times when I am having a scared moment or haven't felt her in a while I will say a quick prayer for one little kick. There she goes! Craig will tell you. It happens.

I feel like God has plans already for this little one. Big plans. That is a whole post in itself, and I will save it for later.

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