Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of Painting Going On...

FINALLY! It was finally time to work on Peyton's room. I have been waiting for this. I am such an impatient person. I like to have things completed. The thought of her room sitting there waiting on me to work on it has driven me nuts!

Here is the before of her room.

Sherry came over about 9 Saturday morning to get started. I went in and helped her line off the room. We then left her by herself in there. She is such a good painter. She had the first coat on in 2 hours probably and the 2nd only took an hr.

While Sherry painted inside I went ahead and painted the chair rail outside. Much easier to do this than paint it on the wall!

Once all of the painting was done we needed to hang my chair rail. Craig went to Lowe's and got the hose for the air compressor, but forgot the connectors. We decided to go ahead and make our cuts so we were at least ready to hang. That evening Don was coming over for dinner, so we asked him to bring the connectors. Now, I KNOW I asked for a male and female, but he brought two male connectors. After dinner we headed to Krispy Kreme for some hot-and-nows...yummy...on the way back we made a 3rd trip to Lowe's to get the female connector. When we got back the boys hooked it all up and in 15 minutes we had it all on the walls.

Sunday after my nap :) I caulked the rail, and here is the finished product.

After every step of her room, the closet, the furniture, we always take a pic of me and Peyton beside it. Here we are Sunday night.

So, while Sherry and I worked on Peyton's room Saturday Craig, looking oh so pitiful, worked on the back deck. It was about time it got completed since we started on it months ago!

Craig did an awesome job and NEVER complained. Not once! I have an amazing hubby. I don't brag on him enough.

Saturday I did go out and help him while the rail dried and Sherry painted the room. I have to say my legs paid for it! They hurt so bad even still today. It is awful how out of shape I am. Anyways, we got a LOT done Saturday. After lunch we ran out of paint and steam. When Craig went to Lowe's to get the hose he also got another gallon of paint. When he returned it was just too hot to be painting out there, so we called it a day. Sunday afternoon about 5 we got back out there and finished it all up in about 2 hours!

So satisfying to see two projects completed! I will have to put up pics of the finished back deck. Now to decorate Peyton's room and wait on her arrival!

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