Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When we found out we were expecting I made a promise to myself that I would not complain through this whole pregnancy. I have waited for this for 5 LONG years. I have wanted to experience all of this for so long, I want to just soak it all in and not complain a bit. What I have found is that it is hard.

It is so hard not to say anything when I feel nauseated after every meal. When I am so hungry I could eat a whole cow. I am only 9.5 weeks in! I can only imagine what is to come.

There is one girl that I really admire. I watched her throughout her pregnancy, on facebook no less, and she only had glowing things to say through the whole thing. How thankful she was. How blessed she was. I know it was not easy and now that I am living it I admire her even more. I want to be this girl.

I have also seen the other side. I have seen someone who wanted a child for many years complain about every aspect of their pregnancy. It makes you wonder what they were thinking it would be like. I do not want to be this girl.

I think I have done a pretty good job. I do write down what is happening because I want to remember, but I am not complaining about it. It is uncomfortable and a nuisance, but I would not trade this experience for the world. Every time someone asks me how I feel, which is WAY too often :), I always respond with a good or great.

The truth is they don't really want to hear about my ailments. Honestly although I do feel sickly a good bit of the time, but I am great because I have a little one growing inside of me and that is all I have ever wanted.

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