Friday, March 13, 2009

The Renovation Continues...

I was in Florida on Business. Craig had help from Don, Steve, and Colby. They installed one cabinet and one countertop. Sanded and primed the kitchen, dining room, and hall. I think thats it. Sorry if I forgot something guys.


No photos. Sherry came over and we finished sanding the cabinet doors. The Millers came over with an electric sander which made all the difference. It has been a lifesaver. They also helped us clean the doors after sanding. Sherry and I painted only 4 doors :( I was still sick and Sherry was coming down with it. We called it a day.

I was still sick, so we took these days off to let me recover.

I don't remember this day...Oh yeah...
Don came over. We attempted to cut a countertop which didnt turn out so well. Luckily we had cut it too long so we get another try to get it straight. I sanded the cabinets.


Don came over before church and helped us start the hall floors. After church Craig and I continued the process.


Craig and I laid flooring in the hall. Don removed glue from the dining room floor.


Tonight it was just the two of us. Craig peeled up a little glue off of the floor. Burnt himself with the heat gun. Then he sat on the computer for 2 hrs. I primed the kitchen cabinets. I must say I think painting them is going to make all the difference. I love it!


Lots of work left to go. I am tired and discouraged. Still pushing through. Surely we will be done next week. I really cant see it taking much longer.

While I wait for pics to upload here are the to do items along with the schedule in my head which never adds up...

Level diningroom floor- Sat
Lay flooring in dining, kitchen, and living rooms- Sat & Sun
Install countertops and sink- Sat
Install one cabinet- Sat
Wash walls- Wed
Qtr round- Tues to Thurs
Sand, prime, and paint livingroom ceiling- Mon & Tues
Prime and paint cabinet doors- Thurs to forever
Paint cabinets- Sat

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