Sunday, March 1, 2009

Renovation Day 1-6

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Day 1 02/24

Day 1 022409

Craig and I started scraping the popcorn off. We finished the kitchen and started the dining room. We also removed the light in the kitchen.

Day 2 2/25

Day 2 022509

Craig and I finished scraping the popcorn in the dining room. I removed the carpet in the hall. Matt and Craig put in the can lights in the kitchen.

Day 3 2/26

Day 3 022609

Colby, Don, and Craig rescraped all ceilings. Craig removed the parque in the living room entry. Candice and I washed walls.

Day 4 2/27

Day 4 022709

Craig, Don, Colby, and Steve removed the parque floor in the dining room and started the kitchen floor. I removed all cabinet doors. Candice, Sam, and I cleaned out the lower kitchen cabinets. Don and Colby removed the lower cabinets.

Day 5 2/28

Day 5 022809

Well, our ceiling fan fell from the ceiling in the middle of the night Friday. What a nice suprise. Scared Craig to death. Luckily I didnt hear it.

Don removed the sink and the last kitchen cabinet. Steve and Craig finished removing the kitchen floor. DEMO DONE! Sherry and I removed the cabinet hardware. Sherry sanded the cabinet doors. I was running a fever of 10.4 so I stayed in bed for 7 hrs.

Day 6 2/29

Day 6 030109 Snow Day

Didnt do anything today! Snow Day. Day of rest.

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