Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3 Months


My little Giant! You have really changed a lot over this past month! You are looking so big. You are so big!

...wear 6 month clothes.
...wear a size 1 diaper and will move to a 2 as soon as they run out :)
...weigh 12.4 lbs (at home)
...are tall 25.5 in (at home)
...eat every 3 hours.
...are starting on a schedule. We are in bed about 10, up at 2:30 (this has to stop!), and up at 5:30. Up for the day about 8:30.
...have really started babbling. you talk a LOT. I think you might rival your sister which means daddy and I are in for it!
...smile a LOT! Still waiting on the first real laugh
...are starting to get more head control. FINALLY! You can hold it up for short periods and even look around.
...have started to discover your hands. You will lay there and stare at them. open and close, open and close. You ball them in fists which with your serious expression is rather funny.
...have started to roll over in the last week. You will get onto your side and stop there. 

I never knew I wanted a boy. I never knew I needed a boy. I need you Mr Parker. You are just a joy and a piece of our family that we always needed. Miss Peyton is the best big sister. Sometimes I don't see how she gets you to smile but you always do.

Love, Mommy

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