Friday, May 24, 2013

20 Months!

I looked up and we are 2 days past your 20 month birthday! How did that happen? Crazy times!

Peyton Lea,

Your dad and I get so much joy from being your parents. We talk every day about how funny you are, how smart, how beautiful. You are our joy.

You are in 18 month clothes, 5 shoe, 4 diaper
Our schedule is down at 8 up at 8 nap from noon to 2ish
You eat most things. You still turn your nose up at potatoes and don't care much for peanut butter. We have discovered your LOVE for Nutella! You will scarf down anything with Nutella on it and will have it all over you little face. It is the only thing I have ever seen you actually lick off of your fingers!
You just had your first trip to the zoo and the splash pad. You were less than impressed with all of the animals. They all say woof except for the monkey who says ah ah ah oo oo. Once you warmed up to the splash pad you had a blast. I look forward to doing that more this summer.
You are so much like me it is craziness! I tell your dad that is why we butt heads so much. We are both so strong willed. I am glad you got some things from me. You will put your toys, dirty clothes, etc where they go. You "clean up". You help unload the dishwasher and "fold" the laundry.
You love to be a little mommy. You change the babies diaper, rock her, feed her.
You have taken to giving kisses to mommy, daddy, characters in books, and toys. You also try to feed the books and baby dolls your snack or milk.
You just took your 2nd tumble down the stairs. This time at our house. You got up cried in my lap a minute. Got dad to put you shoe back on. Looked at us and said "bye bye" and headed for the door!
You are learning to put things together. Shapes into holes, stack things, blocks.
You say LOTS! You talk all day. We understand a lot and a lot is jumbles. You can say dada, mama, daddy, mommy, nana, pawpaw, mawmaw, dog, bok (block), me miwk (milk), no no, peas (please), nak (snack), AMEN, esus (Jesus), eat!, night night, baby, poops, hey, bye bye
When we go to the store you ride in the buggy like Ms America waving at everyone and saying "Hey!"
You finally started "talking" on the phone. You will hold it out and just jabber away to dada or pawpaw.
We pray before every meal. You hold out your little hands to each of us and we bow our heads. You sometimes sneak food while we are praying.
The other day we were driving and you had taken off your socks and shoes and then put your shoes back on with no socks! Genius child :)
Every time we arrive at our destination you can about bet that your shoes and bow will no longer be in place.

You light up our days!


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