Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 Months!

My Precious Peyton Lea,

You are in 6-9 or 9 month clothes and size 3 diaper
You are eating! Well, I guess you have always eaten, but now you are on "solids"! You have 1.5 jars of food in the morning and evening. Usually a jar of veggies and half of fruit. You LOVE pears. They are your favorite. You despise baby cereal and peas. Other than that you eat anything I give you.
You take about 4 formula bottles a day at 6ish oz each. Here lately you have started leaving about 2oz per bottle.
You still sleep pretty good. You have taken to waking once a night for a diaper and 4oz bottle.
You are about 26.5 inches and 17.8 lbs.
You don't crawl yet, but you can get on all fours. When you want to move you drop to your belly, throw your arms out, and wiggle. Not quite the way it goes :)
I cannot get enough of your personality! You love life. You love dada and mama. You look for us everywhere we go. You smile at everyone.
Every time we pick you up from the nursery they tell us how wonderful and happy you are. How you smiled the whole time.
You like to bounce when you hear music. It is too cute.
People love to comment on your chunky legs and arms. They are kissable. 
You love to be on your belly. If we lay you down you roll over. If we sit you up and you fall over you immediately get on your belly. Every morning when I go to get you, you are on your belly with your arms down looking up at the door. When you see me I get the biggest smile! Highlight of my day!
I would say your favorite song is "I Love You Lord". Every time I sing it you smile. Maybe you just think I am funny :)

I pray for you every night, baby girl. My prayer for you is this, that first and foremost you would grow up in the knowledge and fear of our Lord. That you would love him first and make him the center of your life. I hope that your daddy and I can model that for you and teach you how to love Him first.

Love you bunches and bunches,


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