Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Busy Day

Peyton Lea,

You are 16 weeks old today!

Still flying by! You are getting so big. It makes me sad to see you growing so fast.

Day before yesterday you rolled from your tummy to your back 3 times! You are a pro. You just need to figure out how to go the other way.

You still LOVE tummy time. You hold that head up high and give us BIG smiles :)

You sported your Bama gear for the national championship game and they won big! I told daddy that was a sign of who you were supposed to pull for. He has been a good sport.

So, I want to tell you about yesterday...

You have your first cold :( We noticed it on Tuesday when you were extra snotty and clingy. Yesterday Beth and Ty stopped by for lunch and brought you a couple of great Christmas gifts! We love hanging out with them. I am so excited for the day you and Ty can play together.

After they left you took a bottle and went down for 3 hours! How terrific. I think all the sleep is because of your cold. It was nearing the 2.5 hr mark since you went down so I knew I didn't have long and you would be up any time. Daddy had to stay at work late, so it was just you and me. I quickly "made milk" and decided to try and make my dinner.

Let's just note that I had put a roast in the crockpot at 8:30 that morning expecting to have a wonderful dinner with daddy. He had to stay late, so dinner was already going downhill.

Back to my story...So, I quickly made my salad. Baked my potato. Made my garlic bread. Got some meat. Made my gravy. As I was putting the gravy on my potato I heard you! OH NO!!!

I had just gotten my plate ready and you were up and hungry. I knew that would happen. I dont know what I was thinking trying to eat in peace :)

I put you on your play mat and scarfed down my salad. You decided that was all I could have. I made your bottle, put you in the boppy, propped up my plate and you and I had dinner together.

Not the evening I had imagined.

I am learning to multitask.

You chilled in your bumbo, which you are starting to like, while I cleaned up. I even had time to make bottles and freeze milk. Your favorite thing in the bumbo is your links. You have fun with them and cry when you drop them in the floor. So cute.

Well, you are getting fussy in my arms, so I guess thats the end of this post...

Til next time

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