Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Christmas

Peyton Lea,

We just celebrated your very first Christmas. Right now I am still suffering from post-Christmas depression. :( It was sad to take down the decorations and know that your first one is over. You still look towards where the tree was trying to figure out where it went.

You loved to look at the tree. You could stare at the lights forever. When you were fussy dada would take you over to look at the tree. His favorite thing to do was to push the button on the carnival ornament so that it would make noise for you. It was his special thing.

We wanted to start new traditions this year that we could do each Christmas with you. We started on Christmas Eve night reading you the Christmas story. Let's just say you were less than interested. It will get better in the next years as you understand more. Another tradition that we wanted to start is baking. So, Christmas morning we made homemade cinnamon rolls. They were good, but we will have to work on those.

Christmas eve we hung out at pawpaw and nana's for a bit. Christmas day went like this...
5:00 mommy's alarm went off
5:30 mommy woke daddy and we started baking. We decided to go ahead and open our gifts while you were still sleeping and we were waiting on the dough to rise.
about 6 we woke you when we went into your room for daddy to find his gift. I had hidden it in your closet not knowing you would still be sleeping when he went to find it!
We opened your gifts with you and ate our rolls. Everyone bathed and showered.
9:30 we headed to Huntsville
11:00 church in Huntsville and then over to Great Aunt Carla's
about 4 we ate there and opened gifts

It was a great first Christmas. We weren't rushed and had time to enjoy the morning together. We really missed spending time with nana and pawpaw. Hopefully next year that will change.

You got a few toys, rattles, a book, and bath toys from mommy and daddy. Aunt Carrie gave you and outfit and book. Grandma gave you clothes as did mawmaw and pawpaw and Matthew. Great Aunt Carla gave you a stuffed moose and Great Aunt Vickie gave an outfit and book. Perfect gifts for someone who has no idea what is going on :) I am sure you will get good use out of them through the year. Maybe next year you will be awake some during Christmas ha ha

You met Great Uncle Donnie for the first time on Christmas! He adored you. When we arrived he shielded his eyes and said he didnt want to see you until we were putting you in his arms. He loves our little girl!

I feel like a bad mom because we didn't enough photos of your first Christmas. The only one we have as a family is in our pjs. We dont have any of you with just mommy or daddy. I am really sad about that. We must do better at getting the photos that really matter.

We still have Christmas at nana and pawpaw's this coming Saturday!

A few more notes about you...
Yesterday 12/28 I finally clipped your nails for the first time. I didn't even clip you!!! So proud.
Last week you started to reach for toys on your kick mat. This week you really reach for them all! You can grab them and shake them. You hit them to make them jingle. You are learning so quickly!!!

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