Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

I can't believe we can already say "Peyton will be here NEXT MONTH"!

Baby hiccups are the worst. They give me reassurance, but after 10 minutes of the little pop, pop, pop I am ready for them to be over. For my sake and hers. I have read that they are not as bad for babies as they are for us. I sure hope that is true! She had them 5 times on Saturday and at least 3 yesterday. Every other day it has been at least a couple. I couldn't take it. Poor thing!

Sunday's sermon hit me. It made me realize how far we have come. Pastor John preached on James 1 and going through trials. I have been through many. This time last year the trial we faced defined my life. It ate at me every day. It had been 5 long years and I was at the end of my rope. Looking back I am not sure that I could have done it different because I know how debilitating those emotions were. I hope I never have to find out. I do know God carried me through them or I would have never made it. I do know that the trials in my life do not define me, but are my greatest testimony. I pray I get to use them to reach others. I think I have already started that process but am always open to new opportunities. If he had preached this sermon a year ago I think I would have fallen on my face in tears. Even this year I had to hold them back, but I have a renewed hope because of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness. I needed this past Sunday morning just to help me remember. I never want to forget.

On a lighter note...

Nursing bras are purchased, postpartum wrap purchased, nursing PJs needed, baby detergent buying today.

Shower is Sunday!

Time is flying and we have so much to do! I hope time doesn't get away from me. With every weekend this month booked and the wedding I am sure it will go by so fast! Oh my I can't wait!

Wedding gift 1 and 2 down (PC shower and cookware). Wedding gift 3 on its way. Wedding gift 4 in the works. Wedding gift 5, probably today! Wow that seems like a lot, but some of them are quite small. I am so excited to give them. I hope they are special to them. I will have to post about them as they are given. I really want to share!

I have my Kindle. Trying to figure it out. I hope I like it as much as I think I will and Aunt Carla says I will. I think it will be great when Peyton is here. Stocking up on all the free books I can!

I need to find a way to Texas. It is killing me not being able to go meet the two Hill babies. I wish they would come this way for the wedding.

I think that's all I have in there right now...

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