Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pears, Pears, and more Pears!

Last Thursday, July 14th, we started picking pears. I know our neighbors thought we were crazy having Craig on an extension ladder up in a tree while it was thundering, but it rained EVERY afternoon and we had to pick them. There is not a pear left within our reach on that tree! Last year we got in trouble for not having enough pears and that was not going to happen this year! :)

Friday afternoon we headed to Huntsville to make some pear preserves. After dinner we started the long process of peeling and cutting up the pears. Our tree has a huge yield of small pears. I think I would rather fewer large pears.

Saturday morning after a doughnut and Starbucks run we were back at it. I think we peeled pears from 9am to 2pm. Everyone's hands were stained and cramping.


It was all worth it when we at that homemade bread with our homemade pear preserves. YUMMY!

Sherry came dressed to go eat. We wrapped her up to shield her from the juice as she cut pears. What a MESSY job!

After our day of pears we all went to Red Lobster to celebrate pawpaw's 73rd birthday!

Sometimes I wish I lived in Huntsville...then I remember my family and church in G'dale, the extra hr to Shreveport, and the traffic and I am glad we chose this home :) I sure do like to visit though!

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