Friday, July 1, 2011

Day in the Life

A blogger "friend" has been doing "day-in-the-life" posts for five days. She has kids so her life is rather busy, but I thought maybe I would do the same for a week. Just so that after Peyton is here and we think "what did I ever do before she was here" I can look back and know.

Life is busy.

So, lets start with yesterday and I will try to go through next Wednesday at least.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

5:20- Craig's alarm went off and he set out to getting ready and making breakfast
6:00- Craig woke me up. Time to eat :)
We watched some Mall Cops while we had our breakfast of cinnamon rolls.Yummy!
6:20- He was out the door and I was back to work.
We can basically skip down now until 3:30! The day was work, work, work. I take a lunch break at 11 and have cereal most days. Today it was Frosted Mini Wheats. My FAVORITE! I also take my shower during my lunch break.
3:30- Craig gets home.
4:00- Dinner time. We made tacos/taco salad and had a leftover crab rangoon for dessert.
4:30- Craig was out mowing the yard. He is already ready for fall when the mowing season is over.
5:20- Brandy stopped by to drop off baby clothes and post-baby items for me!
4:30-6:30- I cleaned up the kitchen, got dressed for the day, and started the prequel to the Omalley series by Dee Henderson. I am hooked already!
6:30-Craig came in and had his shower and got ready for our errands
7:00- We were out the door for some "quick" errands. We ran by the bank, library, walmart, target, winn dixie. This couponing thing has me going to several stores, but I have made the most of it :)
9:30- Home and groceries put away. We quickly did our 27 week photos. Craig went to work on his computer, reinstalling windows and software. I went back to my book.
11:15- Off to bed.

This was not a normal night. We are usually in the bed MUCH earlier, but we had things to do and it was Thursday night. We had Friday and a long weekend to look forward to!

When Peyton gets here I can only imagine these outings will get much more difficult, but I am looking forward to it!

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