Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Kristy

Want to know what Craig thought about me as a baby?

Well, last night I went to find out how much I weighed when I was born. Craig and I made our predictions on Peyton, so I wanted to find out how close I was to my weight. I knew I was a chunky baby. I am a DAVIS :)

When I opened my cute little baby book the first thing I came across was my hospital photo. Now I am thinking oh how cute! Craig walks in and I think it went something like this

"Hey, Jerry"
"Look at that head! It's HUGE!"
"Did your mom have a c-section?"
"If I saw that photo I wouldn't have married you."

That led us to looking through my baby photo album and his baby book. What we found is that I still have the same facial expressions even today. I am the spitting image of my dad. (we all knew that) We do not have photos of Craig as a baby. I think we found one and his head was turned. At every milestone I weighed more than Craig :) He advanced quicker than me. (might have to do with less weight to pull up and older siblings)

Later when we were getting ready for bed Craig said something to the effect of "I can't look at you. Every time I do all I see is that photo." Oh how nice!

I am glad he got a nice good laugh out of it.

Now for our predictions on Peyton:
Craig: 7lb 6oz
Kristy: 8lb 3oz

Our birth weights:
Craig: 7lb 3oz
Kristy: 8lb 6oz

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