Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekends at Home

It has been so nice to have 2 weekends in a row at home. As you already know, last weekend Sherry painted Peyton's room, we did the chair rail, and finished the back deck. This weekend was a "lazy" weekend.

Craig set out at 4AM to take photos. I woke up with the garage door raising and him getting back home at 8:30. That is so LATE for me!!! He was shocked I was still in bed.

I had just a few things I wanted to get done on our lazy day ;)

Craig started by cleaning out the gutters and mowing the back and side yard. I cleaned the house. I tried to do an extra good job cleaning the fans in the bedrooms and vacuuming under the couches. After lunch I had one more project up my sleeve.

Fist let me say Craig was complaining about all of the work on our day off. I told him I was perfectly capable of doing this on my own. Of course he never would have lived it down, but he was off the hook nonetheless.

I went into the garage and cleaned off a shelf we had down there. As I started to drag it across the floor he stumbled into the garage letting me know he could hear it all the way across the house. From there he never complained again. He helped me hang a two-shelf unit that I had bought well over a year ago and never had the space or the need to hang it. We got it up in the spot where the old rack had been and re organized it.
The old rack moved across the garage by my deep freeze to become our stock-up storage location. Yes, I know not very stocked right now, but we are just starting. There are more items on it even today.

With that food out of the kitchen I was able to move my cookbooks and clear a cabinet just for Peyton! I am making room so when we get all of her goodies they have a place to go right too. No clutter :)

Oh and in the midst of all of the shelving fun a wonderful gift came for Peyton! I was so excited!
Thank you to my awesome co-worker Vanessa! I am so excited for Peyton to be here to play with it.

We relaxed a few minutes and Dad showed up to check out the new goodies! Craig grilled some chicken and corn and I made rice and salad. It was a yummy dinner minus the slight grilling disaster. Charred chicken anyone? We have to figure out how to turn that grill down.

At 7:15 I was ready to crash, but I knew it was too early to call it a night. To keep myself awake Craig and I went out on the deck and made a fire in our fire pit. Granted it was in the 90s, but it was bearable :) I read a book by the fire while Craig took pictures of it.

I must say I was so proud of this day for a few reasons...
-We checked a LOT of items off my list
-I had written down $40+ for the shelving needed to store stock-up items. Then I remembered the long lost shelves and we did the project for $0! That is awesome because honestly shelving is not in our budget these days.
-We actually took some time to relax. We also used our fire pit that we bought a while back with the best of intentions and then never used.

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