Monday, April 25, 2011

I can feel it :)

Wednesday night/Thursday morning I woke up about 3AM as is the norm around here. Lying there trying to go back to sleep I felt this little thud in my tummy. Like a bubble or popcorn. I thought, hoped, prayed it might be the be beginning of movement. I only told Craig because honestly I didn't know what I was feeling and felt like a dummy.

Thursday on the way to Savannah I felt another small thud. Friday when we laid down for a nap another thud. Sunday on the way home another little thud.

Today in the same spot, always in the lower right, several thuds. Now I am certain that the little popcorn feeling in my belly is baby :) The doc told us we have a mover and now I can feel it happening!

I am beyond thrilled and it has brought tears to my eyes. No more wondering if it is really in there. Now I know that there is a little life growing.

I know Craig can't wait to feel it. I look forward to that moment more than anything!

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