Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fatty Fatty 2x4

I have been OBSESSED with my weight gain so far. I cannot believe I am about to hit 10lbs! I think the obsession comes from the fact that I just lost a lot of weight last year and now I am putting it all back on. Granted the putting back on is for a good reason, but it is hard to watch that number climb. I worked so hard to get it off!

Today I found a pregnancy weight gain tracker. With my height and starting weight I have gained about 1-2lbs more at this point that I "should" have.

Honestly if I just felt better about myself I think it would be easier to handle. Walking would take care of that I think. When I walk I feel so great. My body and my mind feel better. Now that the weather is getting better and I have some energy back I plan to try to make it to the track 2-3 times a week.

I think it might help too if everyone didn't say how thin I am and comment on my lack of belly. In my mind I see that as...I have gained x lbs and if they arent in my belly then they must be on my thighs!

Now, I just have to leave Craig at home and head to the track. I don't need him telling me I am overdoing it or to slow down. I hear that daily and think that is helping the weight gain...well, that and the brownies :)

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